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What a difference a day makes

In NYC today, it was summer.


Toes were out. Flips were flopped.

I mention this because so many of my friends in the Midwest are covered in snow.

Not rubbing it in, mind you —

just giving you some hope!

Food stereotypes

Freshdirect.com, my favorite website for ordering groceries in the neighborhood, posted this ‘goodbye to summer’ today on Facebook.

I love the sentiment — the poster’s graphic look and feel, too.

But they can’t honestly be suggesting that my popsicles, fudge bars and toffee crunch bars — all reduced fat and sugar-free, of course — should be packed away with my summer clothes and flip flops….

Not even.

I find popsicles refreshing year round.  They are the perfect light dessert — that little taste of sweet that doesn’t linger compared to heavy cakes and pies.

They aren’t seasonal.  They’re sensible.

Of course, I feel much the same way about soup — love me some soup any time of year, especially in summer.  When the AC is cranked in public buildings, soup is the best way to warm up.

Turning up the thermostat also works.

Let’s give food a chance.

Day Seven, Como: a high note

What’s that below, you ask?

That’s Como.

On the final day of my trip to Italy, we took a tram to a point high overhead Lake Como…then hiked up a steep incline for another 30 minutes to a lighthouse overlook.

In retrospect, perhaps not the best day to wear flip flops.

Como is as picturesque as you might imagine.  It’s not lined with museums or historical points of interest like some of the cities that we visited this week. But if you want to enjoy the sun, the water, a round of golf or tennis — simply relax —

It is perfection.

And then there is the George Clooney factor.  Tragically, I was only in Como for a few hours, so I wasn’t lucky enough to see the city’s other major attraction.

Darn.  I’m gonna need to go back.

Lost and found

There is a well-known Native American proverb that says:

“Don’t judge any man until you have walked two moons in his moccasins.”

I’m not judging — I’m just wondering who is walking around in mine.

You see, last Saturday — like a typical city dweller — I wore flip flops to walk to Boston University and quickly changed into pumps before class began.  Once I was finished teaching for the day, I rushed out to catch my ride back to NYC.

My flip flops?  They lie forgotten…alone in the empty, dark classroom.

Now, the janitor may have seen them later and thrown them away.  Or some cash-strapped student could have picked them up the next day and thought — “Hey, free flip flops!  Score!”

Who knows what adventures my beloved brown havaianas have begun?

Me?  I’m going shopping today.  I need new flip flops.


During the summer months, I live in flip flops.

They are my perfect go-to shoes — comfortable, look good with most casual clothes, and are so affordable, I can have lots of colors.

I should have known they would find a way to change all that.

Havaianas, which is the flip flop brand I’ve been wearing forever — at $9 a pop, mind you — is now offering custom sandals at their MYOH (Make Your Own Havaianas) website.

And I gotta admit — they’re kinda cool.

In four easy steps, you select your size, your sole color, your strap color, and even pins that you can attach to the strap.  Then MYOH shows you a photo of your custom sandal, which costs $25 or more, depending on the accessories you chose.

Here’s the flip flop I created.

I went fairly classic — black sole, silver strap, “C” initial pins — but the colors of the rainbow are available.  So you can go as wild and wacky as the spirit moves you.  The optional pins range from initials to small jewels and American flags.

Any other flip floppers out there?

MYOH could give that term a positive spin!