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Who cares how you spell delicious?

I was very excited to read that today was National Macaroon Day!

My first thought was to pull out this gorgeous photo  —

macaroons3But I was very confused.

These are French macarons — two light cookies made of egg whites and almond meal with a sweet filling of just about anything. I mean, you have to love that rainbow of colors and flavors.
Coconut MacaroonsNo, these are macaroons — not a cookie at all because it turns out they contain no flour. They do have a lot of coconut (and sometimes chocolate drizzled over top), and they are yummy.

I am not typically one for cakes and cookies, but I do love macarons and macaroons….so I will celebrate both today.

Sue me.

Good gravy

I cooked last night.

Yes, this is a blog-worthy event.

I made breakfast for dinner.  Biscuits — from a can, I admit — and milk gravy.

Here in New York City, the term ‘milk gravy’ is greeted with much confusion.  So I will explain further in case you are also reading this with your head cocked to the side in bewilderment.

In a skillet on medium heat, I browned flour in vegetable oil.  (Bacon grease is the first choice, but I didn’t have any.)  To the flour, I added milk, stirring constantly over low heat.

Now, during this process, there was a lot of adjusting — how much oil, how much flour, how much milk.  I even added some water at the end to thin the gravy…plus salt and pepper to taste.

But, I must say, the final product was nothing short of amazing.

Filling?  Yes.  Heavy?  Oh yes.  I even added bacon to the plate, so there’s nothing about this meal that my doctor recommends.

But it does a heart good to enjoy such a feast on a good, damp New York City night.