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wpid-20141117_140437.jpgOver the years, I have collected fortunes from Chinese takeout that spoke to me and placed them in a pocket of my Franklin Planner.

(Yes, I still have a Franklin Planner….and a Google calendar, too.  Just covering my bases.)

I don’t know why these crumbling, yellowed fortunes caught my eye today, but they did. And you can probably see why I kept them around.

It’s a very feel-good collection.

On my trip to Tokyo in July, I received the very aptly named ‘Best Fortune’ in return for a dollar and a prayer at the Senso-ji temple in Asakusa.


How’s that for positive thinking?

This fortune has earned a place of honor on the bulletin board above my desk, a very cheerful reminder of all the good things I have in my life.

And possibly more to come?


Something’s a’foot

Last month Jennifer Aniston’s 15-year old Welsh Corgi-terrier mix, Norman, died of old age.

The two were often photographed together walking, and she always took him with her to set on long movie shoots.

“He’s just a person in a dog suit,” she once said.

I get that.

This week the tabloids were full of the news that Jennifer got her first tattoo.  What did it say?  Was it new boyfriend Justin Theroux’s name?  Or some mid-life crisis bit of philosophy in Chinese characters?

None of the above.  The ink on her right foot simply says “Norman.”

Now, I’ve never even remotely considered getting a tat.  I’m notoriously commitment — and needle — phobic, and permanent body art requires both.

But a tattoo dedicated to my dog Rory?  Perhaps his name in the simple sans serif font that I favor?  Or a tiny artist rendering of his amazingly expressive face?

Oh yes, I could commit to that.