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Oh, Wendy

Baconator fries are a thing?


Yes, please.

Silent messages from cheese central

I flew to Atlanta today.

After check-in at the hotel, I grabbed lunch at a nearby restaurant.  It had an extensive menu, but suddenly, I knew what I had to have —

Grilled cheese

When the waiter came back to the table, I pulled out my negotiation skills to get the sandwich, which oddly was not on the menu.  The nice man not only delivered a yummy grilled cheese — with fries — but gave it to me on the cheap.

Ya gotta love Southern hospitality.

Now, grilled cheese is my favorite sandwich, but I wondered why I had such a strong taste for it.  I later discovered that today is…


It’s like I heard the call of the curd…without even being aware of it.

We have that kind of relationship, cheese and I.

Hidden gems

Fast food restaurants have been keeping secrets. Not posting their full menus.  Holding out.

But they can’t hide from CNN.

CNN busted them.  Shone a light.  Spread the word.  And now we can order some truly spectacular food items that still aren’t on the menu.

Won’t stop me.

I gots to have a Neapolitan milkshake — chocolate, vanilla and strawberry shake layered in the same cup.

McDonald’s, Burger King and In-N-Out have ’em…if you just ask.  And why wouldn’t you?

It’s sweet genius.

Or how about a big ol’ order of frings?  That’s half onion rings, half french fries, served in the same order.  Why choose if you don’t have to?  And isn’t frings way more fun to say?

Don’t answer.  We know it’s true.

And for my vegan family members — you know who you are — step right up to the counter at Fatburger and order the Hypocrite.  It’s a veggie burger with several strips of crispy bacon perched right on top.

Add a side of Sticky Eggs and you’ve got yourself a meal!

Saucy gals

A recent issue of “Time Out New York” devoted an entire page to condiments.

“Ode to condiments” was indeed the headline, and the magazine used a combination of high gloss photography and highly glorified language to hail nine of the magazine’s favorite savory sauces from around the city.

Plum sauce, garlic sauce, tahini sauce, even something called crack sauce — a ‘compulsively dippable cream sauce’ — were all served up in irresistible dollops.

Looking at the page made my mouth water.

It also made me think of two good friends, both named Beth.  One lives for sauces and dips.  She would love this article and would happily visit each and every restaurant featured to try out each one.  If given the chose of condiments vs entrees, condiments would win pretty much every time.

My other friend Beth has a well-known fear of condiments.  Won’t eat ’em.  Won’t try ’em.  Doesn’t use dressing of her salad, mustard on her hot dog.  Doesn’t understand why people use ketchup on fries.  If she had been reading “Time Out New York,” she would have made a face at the mere idea of this page’s contents, and quickly turned on.

And yet, they are both named Beth and are both my friends.

Aren’t people interesting and wonderful…just like condiments??