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You pokin’ me?

I’m a poker.  If you poke me, I’ll poke you.  Love to poke.

Poke, poke, poke.

If we’re friends.
If we know each other.
If we both understand what poking is all about.

But lately, I’ve been signing into Facebook — you did know I was talking about Facebook poking, right? — and people I’ve never seen before are on my pokers’ list.

We’re not friends.
We’ve never been friends.
So, I’m certainly not going to poke ’em.

Haven’t these people heard of sending friend requests?  Is a poke the new friend-making shorthand?

I think not.

If you’ve been using this strategy to make new friends on Facebook, let me share a little etiquette that I made up this very moment:

Poking is way intimate.  You can poke your friends, but they have to be existing friends.  Friends that get what you mean by the poke.  Not random strangers who come up and poke you, when you don’t know what the poke means to the other person.

This is important stuff here.

Don’t be messing with the poke.  The thing’s loaded.