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News so big it can’t be measured

Attention lovers of potty humor and word police alike:

BUTT LOAD is an actual unit of measurement.

buttload of whiskeyAll these years — I thought I was being rude when I described something ‘big’ as being a butt load!

How I laughed at this crude turn of phrase —

So evil!  So edgy!

But it still stopped short of being an actual curse word…so don’t try to accuse me of committing any great sin.

It’s just a good ol’ butt load of fun!

Or. So. I. Thought.

Now I discover a butt load is a traditional unit of volume for wine and other alcoholic beverages.  A butt is two hogsheads, which is equivalent to 63 US gallons.

Actually…that sounds way bigger than a butt load to me.