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Wink wink nudge nudge

Congratulations to Jennifer B., who correctly identified yesterday’s featured image:


Way to go, Jennifer!

I have never played the game myself; I’ve only seen it featured in ‘classic game collections’ in stores and catalogs.

I thought it was dead.

But then I came across this photo in an article about the English and American Tiddlywinks Associations…for adults.

They hold annual tournaments.  They have websites.  They publish e-newsletters.

Game on.




Play big!

Over the weekend, students at MIT hacked the Green Building on campus and made it play Tetris.

It’s not the first time a college building’s lights have been hijacked.  Students at Brown University and Delft University in the Netherlands pulled off similar stunts years earlier.

But it’s still pretty darn fun.

And I think New York City should consider itself challenged — not the colleges per se, but all the wonderfully tall buildings that occupy downtown and bring in millions of tourists each year.

Sure, we have dancing snowflakes on the side of the Sax Fifth Avenue Building each Christmas, but I’m talking bigger.  Taller.  Faster.

I’m looking at you, Empire State Building.

We know you can vary the lights at the very tip-top to reflect the seasons.  How about using the lights on the side of the building to create the biggest video game in the world?

If you don’t do it, I’ll bet there’s a hacker out there who will.

Game on.