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Payback’s a bitch

If you were a geek in high school like me — and perhaps still are one today? — this PSA by Internet film creater Jason Headley will definitely make you laugh…

In victory.

If you were one of the popular kids, well — this one’s for you.


By Grabthar’s hammer

As I’ve mentioned here before, I’m a Star Trek fan.  But not so big that I would attend the annual Creation Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas (or even notice an article about it until months later).

But notice it today I did.

Trekkers at the convention attempted to rank all the movies in the franchise from best to worst.  It’s no surprise that Star Trek II Wrath of Khan topped the list, and even less that the most recent Star Trek Into Darkness landed at the bottom.  After all, these are the most rabid fans.

And the movie these Trekkers placed in the #7 slot?

Galaxy Quest

Galaxy Quest, a hilarious 1999 send-up of the series and its fan base.

During the convention, Quest held the #1 and #2 spots early in the voting before slipping to the halfway mark to split the other 12 Star Trek movies.

Makes me like these geeks even more!

The whole universe…

So this happened yesterday.







The Mars Rover team visited the set of The Big Bang Theory
for their taping last night.

I join geeks everywhere in being equally excited that…

  • real scientists joined forces with TBBT clique, and
  • they’re taping new episodes.

Hurry up, fall season!  Bring on the new shows!!

He’s who

Look who’s on the cover of Entertainment Weekly?













It’s quite a coup for the good doctor, who I am embarrassed to say I had never heard of until Craig Ferguson schooled me during episodes of Late Late Show. I now know what a TARDIS is and am proud to have a dog named after a central character…

For now, anyway (sniff).

Enjoy ‘officially’ taking over the USA, Dr. Who.  We who already follow you, salute you.

Constant hunger

The best way to a mathematical constant is through its stomach.” —
Carla Curtsinger, looking for any reason to eat pie

Happy Pi Day, Fellow Geeks!

Geek song

I accidentally caught a rerun of the brilliantly ridiculous sitcom “Third Rock from the Sun” today.  I was working, and the show’s opening theme song caught my ear.

If you don’t remember it, here’s the full open.

It’s a great one — that John Lithgow is genius — and reminds me a bit of the truly exceptional opening credits for “The Big Bang Theory.”  Don’t know it?  Take a look-see.

Amazing, huh?

Which also brought to mind the “Star Trek” television series and its legendary song and opening sequence. (I know you remember this one.)

Which begs the question…

Why do all the sci-fi geek shows have the best opening themes?  Are they simply smarter…so they know how important a great opening number really is?  Or is a strong opening even more important for these type of shows because their content is riskier?

Or do they just try harder?

I vote for number three.  Go geeks!

Follow Friday

On Twitter, it’s ‘Follow Friday,’ the day we suggest our favorites to friends.

The Egg ain’t no Twitter, but today — on the national release date of “Going the Distance,” starring Drew Barrymore — I have the perfect excuse to talk up an actor who has been one of my fav’s for years:

Justin Long

I remember Justin’s very first film —  “Galaxy Quest,” that wonderful send up of the “Star Trek” series.  Although he was 21 at the time, Jason was cast as teenage sci-fi nerd Brandon, who helps save the cast of a space TV show when they have to play their roles for real to save an alien culture.  (It is way funnier than that sounds.)  The cast includes Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver and Alan Rickman, and it is genius.

Next, Jason played another geeky high school kid in the TV series “Ed,” starring Tom Cavanaugh.  That gig lasted four years, so he able to flesh out the role and make it more three-dimensional.  I loved that show — it was an amazing ensemble — but when it ended, Justin went on to play versions of that same lovable, slightly geeky guy in a series of movies.

Then he became the MAC guy.

That person seemed a bit cooler and less nerdy (even for someone talking computers).  And while you might think a role with that kind of visibility would move his career forward, it seemed to stall it a bit.

As he described in an interview, ‘it’s hard for the MAC guy to play a cowboy in a western.’

So, I’m really excited to see “Going the Distance.”  Many of the top critics are saying good things, and the trailers look really funny.  Plus, I think it could mean good things for Justin’s career in the years to come.

Because I want only the best for my friend.