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Broom fortune telling

While I was making my bed this morning — yes, I do, every day — I heard a crash from the living room.  It was sudden, it was loud and it was definitely glass.

Rory Dog and I both rounded the corner at the same time to find…

hourglassMy orange CB2 hourglass shattered  — glass shards and sand scattered on the hardwood floor and area rug.

Rory wisely jumped on the couch for safety.

Now, if I were the superstitious sort (and I think we have established here in numerous posts that I certainly am), this accident would give me pause.

The sands in my hourglass didn’t sedately run from orb to orb — they were thrown through the air, ground into the carpet, and then swept up and thrown in the trash!!

What can this possibly mean?!?!

Nothin’ good.

Call me corny

My sister posted this photo today on Facebook.

Is that beautiful or what?

It’s glass gem corn, an heirloom corn variety.  If you’re interested in the specifics of how it was farmed — I know there are members of my family that will be — check out SeedTrust.com.

Me?  I’m a city chick, so all I see are the colors…and how much it truly looks like glass.  I could decorate an entire house using that color palette.

But eat it?

It would be like snacking on the Crowned Jewels!

Shiny things

It sparkles.  It’s sharp, so it could draw blood.  And it’s beautiful.

Is it…a vampire?

No.  (But it’s the right time of year to think so.)

Actually, this is an extreme closeup of one of several glass cacti created by artist Dale Chihuly.  They are part of his “Nature of Glass” exhibit on display through March 2012 at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix.

I love glass, and thanks to a happy Google accident, I am now aware of Dale’s work.  Also, Phoenix locals can take advantage of glass blowing classes that are offered throughout the year at the Botanical Garden.

But vampires?  No.  Fire makes it tricky.