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Keep it in the family

I don’t like Mafia movies. I blame a college professor who made my film class analyze The Godfather for six weeks.

Six. Weeks.

But I was intrigued by trailers for The Family, a comedy about one such family in witness protection in France, starring Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer.  So this morning I bought a cheap ticket and took a peek.

The-Family-2013-Movie-Poster1I enjoyed the view.

The Family is a black comedy — lots of laughs, but an equal dose of violence and blood. As weird as this may sound, I was happy to see the women of the family were just as tough — if not tougher — than the men.

Word of warning:  Don’t leave a tennis racket within reach of the daughter (played by Glee‘s Dianna Agron).

And a star is born in young John D’Leo, who plays the son Warren.  I’ve never seen him in anything before, but now I’m pretty sure he’ll be everywhere.

Or the ‘family’ will have something to say about it…

Going green

Last Saturday night, when college basketball fans like me were knee-deep in the Final Four, a host of Hollywood celebs were collecting more hardware at the Kids’ Choice Awards.

It takes all kinds, I suppose.

Now, this is one of the few awards show I don’t frequent (since I don’t have a kid).  But I do so enjoy perusing photos and video clips from the broadcast because of one wonderful tradition:


You know…the green stuff?

Presenters and winners alike are always at risk of being slimed — and they never know when and where it will be coming.  Here we see Chris Colfer, who plays Kurt on Glee, getting a surprise shot in the chin while announcing an award.

And poor Halle Berry wasn’t even safe in the audience.  Some guy poured a bucket ‘o the green stuff over her unsuspecting head.

It’s a good thing she dressed down for the festivities.  Try explaining green goo when you return your just-out-on-loan gown to the designer.


The slime hasn’t changed my viewing plans for next year’s awards…but it does make we wonder:

Wouldn’t tonight’s NCAA Championship Finals be even more fun with a bit of surprise slime for the winners?

Alone again

Sunday, bloody Sunday.

You’ve been my favorite night of television all summer.

But last night The Glee Project wrapped, with Damian and Samuel winning the right to a seven-episode arc on the prime time version of Glee.

In true gleek fashion, the Irish import and the Christian rocker prevailed to share the crown.  The other two runners-up also received  two-episode stints on the show.

Even Cameron, who left the competition early because he didn’t ‘fit in,’ was voted fan favorite.

Everyone’s a winner on The Glee Project.

And last Sunday, Food Network Star also came to a close, with fan favorite — and my choice from early on — Jeff Mauro the Sandwich King getting his own show.

The first episode aired yesterday morning, and it was pretty slick, thanks to the Food Network production team.  I think Jeff should settle in quite nicely.  (As he pointed out himself, he is ‘kinda cuddly.’)

So now Sunday nights are left to only the critters and crazies on True Blood.

Granted, there is enough insanity on that one show alone to carry Sunday night.  But I will kinda miss all the DVR juggling — and Twitter avoidance — I had to manage to watch all three programs without having outcomes or plot twists spoiled.  It made the vast wasteland that is the Monday-thru-Friday’s-of-summer a little easier to bear.

Everyone who’s psyched for premiere week, raise your werepanther!


How quickly glee can turn into gloom.

Cameron left The Glee Project last night.  Voluntarily.

Even after Ryan Murphy, the show’s creator, met with him one-on-one and asked him to stay.  Told him he could go all the way and win the competition.  That they really wanted to write a role for him on Glee.

Cameron? He just wanted to go home.

I am so bummed.

But if reality shows have taught me anything, it’s that I shouldn’t believe what I am seeing.

While I do think Cameron’s reasons for leaving the show are sincere — especially his clash with directors regarding acting choices he refused to make — I have to wonder if he was later convinced to use his dilemma to add drama to the competition.

A change of heart and surprise reappearance at the eleventh hour would make great reality show fodder.  And Cameron on Glee?

Heck, I cast him weeks ago.

Good TV…good boy

I was IMing with a friend yesterday who said his co-workers were walking around the office like zombies.

Mondays can do that to you.

But thanks to the joint programming efforts of ABC and CBS, I look forward to Mondays — and more specifically, Monday nights.

Call me crazy. (Crazy.)

On Monday night, ABC has the high-rated show of the season:  “Dancing with the Stars.”  (You heard me right.)  This year’s group of celebrities was the riskiest casting to date, and they have certainly produced.  Plus, the judges are being super harsh…which is way fun to watch.  (AI, take a note.)

There’s no need to turn the channel when the music fades, either.  The stars of ABC’s “Castle” have made this writer-meets-detective drama a best seller.  Love that Nathan Fillion.  (And if you happened to watch Jimmy Kimmel last night, you saw that Fillion is really, really funny. Get that man a new movie!)

Of course, CBS is no slouch on Monday nights, either, and thanks to the great god that is the DVR, I always spend my early Tuesday mornings catching up on “The Big Bang Theory” and “How I Met Your Mother.”  These two comedies couldn’t be more different, and funny?

OMG — last night episodes were classic.  I could tell you what they were about, but it would only ruin it for you.  Look them up online.

And then get ready for the return of “GLEE!” tonight.

I love good television.

Swift reactions

I didn’t watch the CMAs last night.  (GLEE was on — I mean, seriously.)

But like most television commentators, that won’t stop me from having an opinion on the broadcast or sharing it here.

God bless the USA.

Rumor has it Taylor Swift won four awards including “Entertainer of the Year.” Reaction was swift — pardon the pun,  I like it so much I’m using it twice — and negative.

When show host Brad Paisley tried to compliment Taylor on her win at such an early age, his co-host Carrie Underwood — who lost to Taylor in the Best Female Vocalist of the Year category — interrupted to praise themselves as event hosts.


Then, Wynonna Judd, when asked to comment on Taylor’s win — which makes her the youngest ever “Entertainer of the Year”– said:

“You want my honest comment? It’s too much too soon.  Time is God’s way of keeping everything from happening at once. It’s just too much of a good thing too soon.”


Of course, Taylor is young.  She celebrated her big win with a cereal party with her mom and dad.


But after watching her do such as a great job on “Saturday Night Live” last week as both musical and guest host — which is something most people aren’t talented enough to even attempt — I’d say Taylor can hold her own.  Everyone else just better get used to having her around.

Those comments?  Well, they make you sound bitter.  And cranky.

And old.

La la la.

Ha ha ha.

No contest

Television is wimpy.

If movies and TV shows met in a dark alley, movies would kick their butts…easy.

Just take a look at the subject matter of the top movie box office for this past weekend alone:

  • a band of zombie fighters
  • a machine that turns water into food
  • the first man to ever tell a lie in the world
  • people using surrogates to live their lives
  • a roller derby league for women
  • a documentary on capitalism
  • a performing arts high school
  • an executive who turns informant
  • a motivational speaker who doesn’t practice what he preaches

Would any of those story lines ever be a TV series?  No.  (Well, maybe the last one…and that’s because it’s the worst of the lot.)

For some reason, television executives have decided that the only dramas that audiences want to see revolve around hospitals, police stations and courtrooms.  This year they got all excited and found a new angle — nurses.  Awesome…that totally changes things.

In comedy, it’s all about the non-traditional family.  Which version do you prefer?  Courtney Cox in “Cougartown?”  Julia Louis-Dreyfus in “The New Adventures of Old Christine?”  Or the male equivalent in “Gary Unmarried” or “Two and a Half Men”?

Even reality shows are just giving us the same thing over and over again.  “Dancing with the Stars”  and “So You Think You Can Dance” co-mingled with “The Biggest Loser” to begat “Dancing Your Ass Off.”  Kill me now.

Why can’t series television show a tenth of the creativity and risk-taking of movies?  Sometimes it does…in series like “Glee” and “Mad Men” and “True Blood.”  And in case the networks don’t get it — that’s why audiences have gone crazy.

Hey, look — television series about something different…a high school choral group, and an ad agency set in the 1950’s, and a New Orleans town inhabited by vampires and shape shifters.

Not a doctor or lawyer or cop in the bunch.  And we’re still watching.

Stings, doesn’t it?

GLEE: A+ GLEE Marketing: A++++++++

I saw the first (and only) episode of ‘GLEE’ earlier this year and loved it. Fun. Original. Inspiring, even. Can’t wait for the series this fall.

But — oh my god — can you believe the GLEE promotion and marketing?

Remember, we have only seen one episode. And already, we’re talking multi-city tour. Throngs of fans wherever they go. Fans who already have a nickname — GLEEKs — after one episode.

This is not a natural phenomenon, my friend. This is the result of a well-designed, extremely well-executed media machine. And whoever is driving it deserves a raise, another raise, and a new car.

Long live GLEE. And long live the marketing mind(s) behind GLEE.

I think I am in love with them.  Call me.