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Bless your heart

A friend in the education biz recently developed a course on customer service for his company.

I provided some general communication tips, but realized today that I didn’t mention a personal perspective that I have gained from years on the phone with customer service representatives:

southern accentIf the customer service representative speaks with a Southern accent, I:

a) believe they want to help me;

b) have found that they do help me; and

c) am in a better mood when I hang up because they are friendly — regardless of how I felt when started the call.

Now, I tend to believe that the people on the call on true Southerners. You can’t fake that hospitality…

Or can you?

It’s something the companies who depend on customer service — and, really, what company these days doesn’t — need to consider.  We can teach people how to lose an accent…

Why not teach customer service folks to have one?

Happy dance

I am in the best mood right now.  I have been literally dancing around my living room.  The dog has joined in.

And I didn’t even win the Powerball.

No, I’m watching That Thing You Do on Encore.  And I defy anyone to be in a bad mood when that movie is on.

I’ve watched the film before…at least seven or eight times, I would guess.  But every time I do, I am struck by the positive energy and sheer happiness radiating from every frame.  I’m sure if they filmed me watching the movie, I would be grinning from ear to ear (when I’m not moved to tears).

I’m also amazed at how many times they play the title song “That Thing You Do,” and how it never seems to get old.  It’s like the engine driving the film, and every time they play it, the movie gets another burst of life and energy.

There it goes again!  Gotta dance.