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Not OK

I’ve seen this acronym on the Internet from time to time:





I had a pretty good idea what it was all about from the context, but Google just provided its literal meaning:  “Not For Showing Wife.”

That’s just wrong.

And it’s being thrown around all the time in conversation — casually, with a wink and a smile.

Shame on all of us.

Easy laughs

I was doing a Google search for I-can’t-remember what and ended up on a page of gag reels on Youtube…movies, TV shows — you name.

What could be more perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon?

I have selected one of my favs for today’s post — Easy A.


E for effort

When Rory and I were walking home from Central Park this morning, we crossed paths with a women and her young son, who were presumably on their way to school.

She was explaining what each of the letter grades (A, B, C, D, F) in school meant, to which he replied:

“Why is there no E?”

gradesHuh. Good question.

She said, “There simply isn’t one,” which I didn’t think was a very satisfactory reply.

But I didn’t know the answer either,  so I asked the Google machine.

Turns out until the middle of the 20th Century, most schools in the United States used the four letter grading system E, S, N, U — Excellent, Satisfactory, Needs Improvement, and Unsatisfactory.
When they transitioned to the current system, they eliminated the E to avoid confusion.

So, ma’am, that’s what you should have told your little boy.

Gonna have to mark you down for a lack of research.

Cheetos fingers

Cheetos, already the perfect food, is going beyond the puff this Halloween with…

Glow-in-the-Dark Cheetos

glow in the dark cheetos(A special thank you to my sister for bringing this ghoulish taste treat to my attention.)

While Googling the aforementioned dark delight, I happened upon an even scarier, orange-ier, more artificial — if indeed that is possible — product that has the potential to scare the begeezers out of folks year round…

cheeto fingernailsCheetos nails, baby!

Look at that color!  Look at that texture!  And if it chips off (chips off, get it?!) —

It’s still cleaner than real Cheetos fingers.

Kirk, out.

If you’re a frequent reader of the Sticky Egg — and if you are, thanks for that — you know from time to time I celebrate bizarre holidays on the calendar.

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. National Cheese Doodle Day. National Iced Tea Day.

I’ve always known I had company in the celebrations — hence the term ‘national’ — but I also have an unlikely partner in their promotion:

william shatnerWilliam Shatner

Yep. Captain James T. Kirk himself has taken to Twitter to give advance notification of these holidays…usually on the day before.

Just yesterday, in fact, he told folks in his Twitter feed —

“Tomorrow’s 2fer may be confusing. Tomorrow is National Fluffernutter Day & National Pierogi Day! If you have questions Google or Bing it!”

No worries, Captain.  Let me break it down for everyone:







Picture this

I was sitting at my desk today and wondered —

Does the rebus still exist?

I loved solving this picture puzzle as a kid, so I Googled it…and was relieved to discover that rebuses are alive and well and all over the Internet.  In kids games.  In artwork.  Even in one advice column where the answers are provided in rebus format.


But my favorite rebus discovery was Narragansett Beer — they’re using the rebus as part of their advertising campaign. In fact, they have an entire page on their website devoted to rebuses.

Here are a couple of my favs. See if you can solve them.

NBeerRebusThe answers — and 62 more rebuses — are on their site.


Sign language

Do you know what these stickers mean?

minivan stickersMy friend Karen encountered them today during her travels.

She doesn’t know what they are. Her Facebook friends (including me) don’t know. And my Google image search didn’t turn up anything either. So now I am widening her appeal —

What the what?

I have to say…I did find a lot of other interesting minivan stickers during my brief image search.  Take a look!

star wars sticker

dysfunctional family

ass family

Catch the wave

When the gods at Google get it right, they get it right.

Check out their animated tribute to the first day of summer:






Can’t you just feel that wave hit you?

I’ll be right back.

More time to goof off

Do you spend a lot of time on Facebook? Twitter? Google?

Wanna spend less?

Personally, I enjoy my hours online…but I wouldn’t mind being more efficient about it.  If you feel the same, check out this amazing infographic from quintly.com.  It’s loaded with keyboard shortcuts — who knew?? — that will help satisfy your social media habit a whole lot faster.

Note: The Egg cannot boast such fanciness. But I’m working on it.