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It’s a long story

Should women of a ‘certain age’ have long hair?

I say yes.

So does Dominique Browning.  She’s a writer and former editor-in-chief of House and Garden.  At the age of 55, she’s sporting a rather impressive mane of long gray hair that reaches half-way down her back.

That mane has gotten her a lot of flack from her family, friends, and professional colleagues, and in a recent New York Times article, she posed possible reasons why.

She’s acting out.  Living in the 70’s.  Being high maintenance.  Trying to attract the fellas.  And she gladly owns up to all of them.

While I understand part of the issue really lies with her friends and family — anytime someone doesn’t conform, we question our own decisions —  I have to wonder why longer hair isn’t more popular with women in their middle years in the first place.

I understand why they cut their hair when they have children.  It’s easier to maintain short, and it keeps it out of reach of sticky, eager baby fingers.

It makes perfect sense.

But once the kids are older, and your skin starts to age and sag a bit, isn’t longer hair a nice distraction from the passing years?  I’m not suggesting you hide behind your hair…just give people something else pretty to gaze upon.

We do it all the time with clothing and jewelry.  Isn’t hair just another way to accessorize our look?


Hair story

I got my first gray hair at the tender age of 19.

At first, it was enough to pluck the one or two strays I spied.  But eventually, I had to trust a professional to cover the growing mobs.

Now?   They’ve won the war.

I don’t even like to think about how much money I have spent over the years hiding them from public view.  It’s not that I think gray hair is ugly; I’ve seen many women wear it beautifully.  I just don’t have the skin tone to pull it off.

If I went gray, I’d have to start spray tanning each week.  Fake color of some sort is my destiny.

So, I’m a bit jealous when I hear that celebs like Anderson Cooper and Bret Favre have been offered millions of dollars to cover their gray hair for the “Go Away Gray” company.

“Go Away Gray” is a dietary supplement created by Cathy Beggan.  Beggan says the pill’s secret is the enzyme Catalase, which breaks down the hydrogen peroxide in our bodies, keeping our hair from going gray.

I don’t know if it really works.  But if Beggan paid me $1 million, I’d sure as heck give it a try.   (Cathy — are ya listenin’?  My cellphone is on.)

Anderson Cooper turned her down.  Smart move.  His silver locks are his calling card.  I don’t know how Favre responded.

We’ll just have to wait and see.  And wait and see again.  And then, wait and see again.