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Prince of pizza?

pepperoniWhen it comes to pizza, I am as old school as it comes.


And if we’re talking a second topping?

More pepperoni. Never found another topping that (sorry) topped it.

But on today, National Pizza Day, even I admit that a more spectacular pie may be in order.  So, I present to you —

The William and Kate

Royal Pizza

Knife and fork required. Curtsy before you chew.

Here’s a tip

MBA students at Boston University recommended brands for purchase and revitalization in team presentations Monday and today.

I’d like to add another to the list:

The felt tip pen

One such pen swallowed by a woman in Great Britain 25 years ago was recovered by doctors from her stomach intact and ready to write. Stomach acids had eaten off the pen’s brand name — darn the luck — but not the ink inside. In fact, upon removal, doctors wrote ‘hello’ with the pen.

Find that hard to believe?

The woman supposedly swallowed the pen using it to check spots on her tonsils in a mirror while standing on a ladder when she fell, leading to the accidental ingestion.

Heck — forget the pen company.  Buy the movie rights!

Candy crimes

I’m sucking on a cinnamon Jolly Rancher as I type this, so my point of view may be suspect.

I am loving the study results recently published from Cardiff University in Great Britain.  Lead researcher Simon Moore, who specializes in the study of ‘vulnerable youth,’  reported that kids who eat a lot of sugary treats when they are young commit more serious crimes in adulthood.

Say what?

Apparently Moore found that diet more so than any other environmental or social factor was a predictor for violent behavior later in life.  I find this fascinating!

As a child who loved — and continues to love — candy and sugary snacks, I feel like I fall right into Moore’s pool of future violent offenders.  And yet — to date, at least — I can’t say that I have done anything to fulfill my destiny of a life of crime.

When I think of all the Hot Tamales and Spice Drops and BB Bats and Kit Kat Carmels and Bit O’ Honey that I have eaten over my lifetime, I should have at the very least held up a 7-11 by now.

Who knows?  Maybe I’m saving it all up for murder one.   Or I perhaps I will start thermonuclear war!

Hey, I gotta live up to my potential.