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Sweet justice

I taught class today at Boston University and grabbed a PopTart from the vending machine for lunch so I could do some work in the library.

One of my students said I was eating “cardboard.”

When I admitted they were better heated, she countered “Then they taste
Iike warm cardboard.”


Is this what the healthy eating craze has wrought? A generation that doesn’t appreciate the guilty pleasure that is the PopTart? Who spurn people who occasionally choose diet soda over water at every meal?

Where is their sense of food fun? Of taking a cheat meal or cheat day? Have we done such a good job of teaching them good nutrition that they have lost their food sense of humor?

I think somebody needs some Sour Skittles.



Something reel

Hey — Whole Foods.  You and me?  We need to talk.

I know you’re big in the natural and organic foods biz.  At last count, you had more than 300 stores in North America and the UK.  Good for you…couldn’t have happened to a greener bunch of guys.

But movies?  They’re my guilty pleasure, and I’m okay with that.  But nooooooo…here you come along, trying to make the whole movie-going experience GOOD for me.


The Do Something Reel™ Film Festival, sponsored by Whole Foods, will visit over 40 cities during the month of April.  The six theatrical features illustrate in film “how the choices we make can have a huge impact on our bodies, our economy, and our environment.”

Plus, they’re as good for you as a Chai Almond Smoothie.

The film’s subject matter varies — the foods you eat, the bags you carry, coal in America and disappearing bees — but they all support the themes of Earth Month.

Okay.  I’ll admit the films sound interesting.  Heck, I’ll even attend if New York City makes the short list.

But we gotta have a chat about the snack list…