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Wash your hands

I see these little hand sanitizer clip ons all over the place.  Today it was the subway.


While I  personally think hand sanitizer is ruining the planet,  I am entertained by the fact it has earned a place on the outside of people’s bags.

Why not makeup?  Or the lip balm that some folks are so addicted to?  Or even better,  candy or gum?

Purcell beat ’em to it. And we all have to look at it.

Gum would be better.

Bubbles in my mind

So I was checking Twitter and learned that Wrigley gum was the first product to feature a bar code.

That’s interesting.

But now I’m craving gum…specifically, bubble gum.


I can see it in my mind.  I can taste it.  But I don’t have gum — shouldn’t buy any, either.  Gum is a no-no, according to my dentist.

But I don’t see my dentist anywhere…

Sugar love

Watching US Open tennis always inspires me to be more active. But this year?

It’s making me crave sweets.

Every time Maria Sharapova is interviewed before or after a match, the commentators are talking about her new line of candies called Sugarpova.  Turns out the tennis champion has a real sweet tooth.

Man, it really shows.

Her candies do look good (like you can mess up sweets).  But I appreciate fun names and creative packaging.

I wanna try “Sporty Sugarpova,” lemon-lime gum that looks like little tennis balls — how cute is that?

Of course, it was first to sell out on her website.

She also sells gummies and sours, all in fun shapes and bright colors.  And the prices are reasonable, too.

I really want those tennis gumballs.  Gotta scour the neighborhood sweet shops that are selling them and see who has them in stock.  If you find them first, drop The Egg a line?  Or better yet…

Save me a bag.