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Oh, my aching neck

Really big necklaces.


big disc necklaceI see them everywhere on the subway these days.

Women are wearing them with the expected dresses and business suits, but also with casual tees and jeans.

I mentioned they are HUGE, right?

Some I like. Most not so much.

But I have noticed one very strange phenomena — and I admit, I am generalizing, but have seen enough to claim a trend — many of the women who favor these really big (HUGE) necklaces seem to think wearing them diverts attention from the rest of their person.

So, no need to do their hair. Or put on even the tiniest bit of makeup. Just don the really big necklace, and it will do the heavy lifting for their ensemble.

Or, I guess in this case, the heavy pulling down of their neck toward the ground.

Not working.

Hair don’t

As someone who works from home — often in jeans, t-shirt and a ponytail — I hesitate to make a bold proclamation on fashion or beauty.  But in matters of business dress, it must be said:

Hair clips are a don’t.

I have long hair, so I use ’em….to pull my hair back when I wash my face.  To section my hair when I straighten it with my hot iron.  To pull my hair back quickly when I’m walking my dog Rory around the neighborhood.

But the plastic hair clip is not an acceptable accessory with a dress or a business suit or any situation where you want to look pulled together.


That’s why this recent photo of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is especially horrifying.  First of all, she’s wearing the offensive clip with a formal suit and spangly baubles.  Secondly, she’s attending a meeting at the United Nations.

Good God, woman…if I was on a tour at the U.N., I wouldn’t be wearing a plastic hair clip.

And I certainly wouldn’t be wearing it on the tippy-top of my head.  It’s not a crown, Hillary; it’s a clip.  Push her on back…ya know what I mean?

Now, I don’t post this entry simply to poke fun at Hillary.  I respect the work that she’s doing.  I consider it a cautionary tale to all women who have given the plastic hair clip a bit too free rein in their wardrobe.

The next time you reach for it, ladies — picture Hillary at the U.N….and select another hairdo.