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Because, hair


I have been working in Carefree, Arizona  (just outside of Scottsdale) for the past three days.

I knew Arizona would be hot in June, but we have been experiencing record-breaking temps — 115 degree days and ‘cooler’ evenings that barely reach 90.

But that old adage about it being a ‘dry heat’ is true…

My hair has looked fabulous.

#nohumidity #nofrizz

Pasta flat iron


As a fettuccine head who works hard every day to be more spaghettoni,  this packaging speaks to me.

I am also hungry.

Hairy situation


All the long beards I have seen of late?

They’ve got nothing on this guy.

And he’s from way back when. (And spends his time now in a steakhouse…where real men go to die).

I think I’ve seen you

The L’Oreal model for their ‘Blow Dry It’ primer spray looks very familiar…


Any Partridge Family fans out there? She’s the spitting image of young Susan Dey:


And just think — Susan got her hair that straight without a flat iron or primer spray.

How did she do it?


Today was a very exciting day.

I finally found a hat that is bigger than my “larger-than-any-women’s-often-men’s-hat-shop-can-tackle (without resorting to a special order, I mean).

And here it is:

Carla Big Hat

It has the added bonus of covering all my hair — no need to brush, flat iron or coif!

Seeing may be a slight problem…

Hot time in the ol’ town



I have a lot of it. And in the summer, it is a hot, time-consuming, uncomfortable, thankless job.  Plus, I have to flat iron it to get it really straight.

Yes, I splurge for blow-outs at the salon now and then, but tonight, it’s on me.

And I hate when it’s my turn.


Someone had to


Good bad hair day

The next time I’m having one of those hair days, I will remember his incredible street art by Nuxuno Xän in Fort De France, Martinique.

street art Martinique

It really works for him…don’t you think?

No ombre, hombre

I just saw an ad for a hair color kit that will give you this look.


They call it ‘ombre.’

I call it ‘roots.’  (Or, conversely, ‘dead dry split ends.’)

I am not sure what inspired this craze, but I think it’s time we looked elsewhere for fashion ideas.

History.  Mythology.  Sitcoms of the 80s.
Anything but color tragedies like this one.

What say we save colorblocking for below our shoulders?

Hair today…

Bangs are always in.

michelle obama bangs

Official White House by Lawrence Jackson

But today First Lady Michelle Obama celebrated her 49th birthday by rocking brand new bangs!

My haircut just got so much cooler.