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Halloween is only five days away.

vampire baby

Better have your candy ready…

‘Cause I’m pretty sure she wants some.

Cheap trick

Yesterday I mentioned I don’t dress up my dog for Halloween.  Some might find that a bit fuddy duddy.

Well, I’ve found something that beats it.

A dentist in Mansfield, Ohio is offering to buy back Halloween candy from children.  And he’s not the only one.

Dentists across the country are participating in the ‘Halloween Candy Buy Back’ program.

At Dr. Callen’s office in Mansfield, trick-or-treaters will receive $1 per pound of candy turned in (5-pound limit per child) and free toothbrushes.  They will also be entered in a drawing for one of two children’s bicycles.

Now, I know the dentists’ intentions are good.  Halloween candy is all about sugar, and sugar consumption promotes tooth decay.

But geez oh Pete.

Halloween only happens once a year! Shouldn’t every kid experience the rush — and resulting sweet belly — from overeating candy after a night of trick-or-treating?  Believe me, it’s the best way to convince them to never do it again.

Plus, do we really want to turn Halloween into a money-making venture for kids?  Cause this sure feels like it.

Five bucks is five bucks, after all.