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Something’s cooking

My niece dressed as Martha Stewart at her office for Halloween this year. An essential part of her costume?

An apron.

I realized when she posted a pic that I hadn’t worn an apron in years and have only owned one in my entire life — an apron that I made in my home economics class in high school.

snoopy apronIt looked much like the one at left, except mine was constructed out of blue denim.

It featured Snoopy and Woodstock and the dog bowl, too…and I think one of them was holding a sign — appliqued, you understand.

I got an ‘A’ for my sewing job…and I think I could probably still pull it off today.

Not sure my cooking skills would make the same grade.

Hot scare

The organizers of the 2011 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade certainly have a bug up their skirts.

They’re not angry; they literally have a bug in the parade lineup.

The new balloon is from the mind of the master of macabre himself, Tim Burton…so he’s no cute critter clutching a flower in his teeth.

The balloon’s name is B. Boy — or B. for short — and, according to Burton, was created from the used balloons leftover from children’s parties at a London hospital.  Patched together and covered with stitches, the design is classic Burton…which makes it definitely not classic Macy’s.

You don’t see the Hello Kitty balloon sporting any fangs on Turkey Day morning.  And while Snoopy’s flying ace getup might pass as a Halloween costume, I don’t think any children are frightened by his goggles or red cape.

But what of B.Boy?  Is his Frankenstein-like face too scary for Thanksgiving morning?

Not with those big, innocent eyes.

Man up, kiddies.  There’s a new bug in town.

Maddening Men

If you are trying to think of a good costume for Halloween, perhaps you should go as a talented, female, Emmy-award winning writer.  Apparently that is one really scary get-up in Hollywood…so scary, it can get you fired.

Kater Gordon, a writer for the critically-acclaimed TV drama “Mad Men,” was fired less than a month after she won an Emmy for writing on the show.  She took home the Emmy, along with series creator Matthew Weiner, for an episode called “Meditations in an Emergency.”

When they accepted the award, Weiner began, “Only one person can talk, so…” to which Gordon countered, “So I’m gonna hold the Emmy.”  He gave his thanks, and they left the stage with Gordon doing a lot of smiling, but no talking.

At the time, I thought it was kinda rude.  Weiner pretty much knew he was going to be back up on stage to accept the “Best Drama” Emmy later that evening, so why couldn’t Gordon have had her moment?  But, alas, he is the boss.

And apparently his need for control and attention extend beyond media events.  He fired Gordon reportedly because he felt “she had fulfilled her potential.”  Uh huh.  I think that’s code for “back up, chick, this show is mine.”

Whatever the true reason, it comes off badly in the popular press.  Instead of celebrating the good fortune of a staffer who he groomed from personal assistant to full-time writer, he cut her loose at the moment of their biggest triumph.

Sounds like Dr. Frankenstein is frightened of his creation…