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Yo quiero Taco Bell

I don’t eat much fast food, and it’s not because I’m a health nut.

Far from it.

It’s just my favorite fast food restaurant, Taco Bell, isn’t in my neighborhood…thank goodness.

Why is the Bell my fav?

Well, I’ve never liked hamburgers, so that eliminates most other chains. Mexican food I love.


And after seeing this sign, I appreciate the Bell even more. Chalupas and a sense of humor?

Where do I sign up?

Sweet vs salty

By mid-morning, Facebook was filled with status updates about ice cream.

Heck — it’s summer.  It’s hot.  Ice cream always sounds good. And since today is National Ice Cream Day, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that everyone is focused on this cold, creamy delight.

But did you know that today is also National Caviar Day?

Yep.  That salty, fishy, icky treat of the upper class has its national holiday on the same day.  But so far, I haven’t seen any Facebook status updates celebrating caviar.


I certainly think my friends are upper class.  But perhaps, like me, the thought of eating fish eggs on a cracker doesn’t have the same appeal…especially when the really good stuff — Beluga caviar — cost $150 an ounce.

I can buy an awful lot of ice cream for that amount of money. And a hot dog…and a hamburger…and a movie ticket…and a cab ride home.

I think we have a winner.

Happy National Ice Cream Day!

Marathon weekend

Happy 4th of July, everyone!

You’re no doubt gathered with family and friends around a grill laden with burgers and hot dogs, enjoying a cold beverage and awaiting the start of your local fireworks display.

…or, at least, that’s what every image you see on television and in movies would have you believe.

But did you know that there are 155 television marathons planned for the 4th of July weekend alone?  Fans of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “Monk,” “The A Team,” and even “Silent Library” can watch episode after episode of their favorites over the next three days.

Do you think these marathons are planned for folks standing around the charcoal briquettes?   “Gather the kids, Grandma — there’s 12 hours of ‘Ugly Betty,’ and the family wouldn’t want to miss it!”

I don’t think so.

The TV networks program marathons over the holidays because so many people don’t have that idealized, family scenario.  They may just be hanging out, enjoying their free time…or they may be lonely as hell.

It’s just funny to think the folks who sell the idea of what the 4th of July holiday is all about also sell the substitute…

Just in case.

Where’s the beef?

New York City may have it all, but it ain’t got The Cheesecake Factory.

Believe me — I was just as shocked as you.

I have to go all the way out to Long Island or venture into New Jersey to enjoy the mega menu and monster portions of this ginormous chain restaurant.

When I lived in Boston, it wasn’t a matter of whether or not they had a CCF — it was which one you wanted to go to!  Beantown residents have the pleasure of not one, but two locations.  All that, and the Red Sox, too.

But the city that never sleeps?  We have to take the LIRR — that’s the Long Island Railroad for you out-of-towners — to put our heads down into the gilded CCF trough and still come home with with enough food for four more meals.

It brings a tear to the eye.

Now, The Cheesecake Factory has created a completely new category of food  — the Glamburger — a burger too special to call ‘ham.’    Inspired by six different cities — cities which have a CCF, no doubt — these delicious-looking burgers appear to be the size of your head.

And CCF is even letting you create the next Glamburger in the “Great Glamburger Challenge.”

I don’t even like hamburgers that much, and I entered…because the winner gets a Glamorous Getaway.

Bet there’s a CCF there, too.