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Films in-flight

I have two movie recommendations for you tonight.

They are both foreign films — one French, the other Israeli — so I suppose it is fitting that I watched them both on my plane home from Germany.

The first, The Intouchables, was recommended to me on the flight to Germany by the passenger in the seat next to me — a policeman on his way home from holiday.

I took his advice today and loved the film so much, I want to pay it forward.  The Intouchables tells the story of Phillipe, a quadriplegic — he was injured hang gliding — who needs a new caregiver.  Driss only applies for the job so that he will get turned down and be able to continue to live on public assistance. His careless attitude tweaks Phillipe’s interest, and he hires him.  Watching their friendship grow and change them both is perfection.

It is a feel good movie made one better because it is based on a true story.

The second movie, Footnote, centers on a father-son relationship that it is far more distant and troubled. The two are Talmud scholars who work and compete in the same very narrow field of study…and the son is winning the war.

How do his achievements impact his relationship with his father?  And how far will he go to make things right? This little film makes you think.

And I think you will enjoy them both.