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Hat trick

If you’ve been watching the US Open Championships this week, you probably recognize this guy:

Denis Shapovalov, phenom from Canada

I first saw him beat Rafa Nadal a few weeks ago in a tournament in Montreal. Now he’s cutting a similar swath through the men’s bracket at the Open.

I’m pulling for him.

But I am distracted by his hat. It is always cinched so tight.

I have to wear caps like that at the widest possible position. Some don’t fit me at all. Which begs the question…

How small is Denis’ head? And how big is mine?

Hat’s on

Congratulations to Ray Romano!

He’s signed a deal to appear in the pilot of a new HBO drama that centers on the world of rock-and-roll in the sexy, druggie 1970s.  Ray will play the right-hand man to a record executive (portrayed by Bobby Cannavale).

This is amazing news!  I think someone deserves a new hat…

ray romano lauren


Costume drama

I’m a hat girl.

I like to wear them. They look good on me. I have plenty of head.

And while I don’t really need to ever see the movie Titanic all the way through ever again, I was willing to watch the first 30 minutes or so this morning…just to see Kate Winslet board the ship —

wearing this amazing hat.

kate winslet hat Titanic

Wonder what ever happened to it? I would gladly take it.

(Just saying)

Just visiting

2013 is two days old.

As The Egg marvels at this turn of events, we look back at the Top 10 Search Terms that brought visitors to our little site in 2012.

Take a gander:

c311. The letter ‘C’



ryan-gosling-3002. Ryan Gosling



red hat3. hats



Adam Levine4. Adam Levine



brain graphic5. bulto biggest

(I don’t get this one at all…)


band6. band



win-win-movie-poster7. movie



christopher-columb-51588. Christopher Columbus



elephant crossing9. elephant



flock of migrating canada geese birds10. the sunshine state




Let’s see — that’s movies, music, celebrities, animals, fashion, and a couple of random entries that even I can’t explain…

Yep.  Sounds like The Egg to me!  Thanks for stopping by.

Cinco de Derby

I wonder how people are going to handle today’s overabundance of festivities.

Will they celebrate Cinco de Mayo? Or ‘do the Derby?’

Looks like some of them have figured out how to do both!

Feliz día del Derby!

Head case

I’m looking at world through frog’s eyes
Looking at the world through frog’s eyes
Looking at the world through frog’s eyes
And you can just hop off!

My apologies to Heywood Banks.  And you can buy the frog hats, too.

(You know you want ’em.)

Hats off

Ever feel like you’re wearing too many hats?  Perhaps it’s time to make yourself a new one.

And what better day than today — Annual Make a Hat Day!

Yep.  That’s an actual holiday, folks.  I read about it on the Intertubes, so you know it’s true.  It’s apparently very popular in pre-school, kindergarten and grade school classrooms.  Kiddies love making hats as crafts projects.

Why do they get to have all the fun?

I think we would all benefit from a little headpiece handiwork.  Whadda ya say?  Are you ready to hit the pause button on your usual 9-to-5 routine, strap on the hot glue gun and dream up a tempting ten gallon topper?


Okay.  Meet me at Target.

Hat rack

I gotta new hat.

Cool, huh?

I bought it yesterday at the Penguin store in Soho.  I didn’t even know they a) were still around, b) sold clothes for men and women, and c) carried casual styles.  (In my mind, the Penguin brand — the one with the cute little sketchy penguin logo — had something to do with tuxedos.)

Live and learn.

But yesterday, while shopping with a friend who was visiting — and who knows a lot more about Penguin than I do — I bought that hat.

I love it first and foremost because it looks great with denim and black — 99 percent of every New Yorker’s wardrobe.  Secondly, it fits my large cranium. (Yes, I realize it’s a man’s hat.  But still.)

And last but not least, while wearing it around the city yesterday, it was just fun to be that chick —

The one in the hat…from the tuxedo store.