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Head case

Do you suffer from migraines?  I do.  In fact,  I had one last week.

Wish I had known this!


Next time…

Lunar lament

How was your day?

If you’ve had far better (like me), I have a two-word explanation:

Mini Moon

mini moonIt’s a full moon, but the Earth is at its farthest distance away, making tonight’s full moon appear its very smallest in the night sky. But that doesn’t lessen its impact…at least in my case.

I had a bad headache most of the day. My dog seemed to feel a bit punky, too.  And I was running from appointment to appointment all day…so I am wiped.

Seems logical to blame the moon, right?



The Sticky Egg has a bad headache.

We’re gonna pop some Advil.

See you tomorrow.

Don’t squint; that makes it worse












The touch

What does a migraine feel like?

erik johansson headache


This is just one example of the mind boggling work of Swedish photographer and Photoshop guru Erik Johansson.

And the most mind boggling thing?  He’s only 21 years old.

Now my head really hurts.