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I’ll alert the media

I passed this delivery truck in my neighborhood yesterday afternoon.  The service is new to me, but the name is a classic.


Can it really be over 30 years now — 1981 in fact — since Dudley Moore burst onto the scene in the comedy classic Arthur, with Sir John Gielgud at his side as his loyal, oh-so-proper manservant Hobson?
arthur hobson

Even he might approve of the logo’s jaunty cap and just-so tie.

The driver of the delivery van was very young.  I couldn’t help but wonder — does he even understand the reference for the company name?

Perhaps he is more familiar with the cringeworthy 2011 movie version of Arthur where Helen Mirren portrayed  Hobson in a bit of gender-bending casting.  If so, he is probably confused by the logo. (Helen didn’t wear a hat.)

And thinks the movie was awful.

Young people.




No cryin’ here

What’s Saturday morning without cartoons?

Okay, okay — not a cartoon per se.  It’s Jon Cryer, the saner star of Two and A Half Men.…as a troll.

Yep.  Charlie Sheen made the surprising revelation about his former co-star during one of his recent rants, and Jon confirmed the rumor Thursday night during an unannounced appearance on Conan.

It was an emotional and moving confession in which Jon outed other celebrity trolls, including Paul Giamatti, Helen Mirren and Conan sidekick Andy Richter.

You know, I’ve kinda avoided the whole Charlie Sheen craziness.  But this latest incident really helped clear something up for everyone:

Jon Cryer is the funny one.