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His and hers

What’s the Best Comedy of the new TV season?

Ben and Kate

I’ve watched ’em all — or it feels like it — and this show is the clear winner.

Don’t look for marquee stars here.  I haven’t heard of either actor playing Ben or Kate, but they are hilarious.

They’re also not playing the typical married couple.  Kate is a single mom; Ben is her brother who moved in to help her with her daughter.  She’s a rule follower.  He’s a maverick.  Hilarity ensues.

I mean — it really does.

Lucy Punch, the actress who plays Kate’s best friend, is always funny — yes, I know her — and the little girl who plays the daughter was in the movie We Bought a Zoo.

So there are your name actors.  If you need ’em.

Ben and Kate airs Tuesdays @ 8:30pm ET on FOX.

Birds part deux

Four hundred years ago — okay, more like 12 — I attended a writing conference at Craigsville Beach on Cape Cod.

One of our assignments was to come up with a new scenario for a movie using only the items found in our hotel room as inspiration.

Now, my hotel was rather rustic (translation: cheap).  The wallpaper had tiny geese flying in vee’s across a yellow, late evening sky.  It was ugly, but I used it.

My idea:   What if two birdwatchers — one a noted expert, the other a novice — accidentally kill a rare bird that they are admiring?  Horrified, they try to cover up the accident in a variety of ways, all of which go terribly awry.

Hilarity ensues.

I pictured Dudley Moore as the lead. (It was 12 years ago.)  I thought it was a pretty funny idea, but maybe too niche-y for Hollywood.

I mean, who would do a movie about birdwatching?

Fast-forward to 2011.  Steve Martin, Jack Black and Owen Wilson are starring in the new movie The Big Year.  Take a look at the trailer:

What you can’t really tell from this clip is that these three men are avid birdwatchers…competing at a prestigious birdwatching event!

See?  Someone actually made a film about birdwatching, and even they think it’s too niche-y to use in the marketing.

I was so ahead of my time.