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Secret lives

Two logos —

Hilton Under Armour

Hilton and Under Armour.

Am I the only one who sees the amazing resemblance?

Does this mean that, underneath the shee-shee image the Hilton is trying to project, they are secretly wearing he-man underoos?  Or are all those burly men sporting Under Armour out in the forest secretly jonesing to spend a spa day in a quilted robe drinking cucumber water?

My vote?


An American tale

Once upon a time there was an apple.

He dreamed of one day being an apple pie on a Thanskgiving Day dinner table.  Or maybe an apple cake for a very good girl or boy’s special birthday.

Heck, he would have settled for a turnover at McDonald’s — gooey, crispy goodness on the run.

But what did life have in store for this apple?


Hotel lamp at the Hilton.

Oh well, at least he was in….