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Back to the future

Emma, I have seen your future, and you are a success!

Let me explain.

Emma reindeer antlersMy brother recently posted this picture of his granddaughter Emma sporting reindeer antlers at her school’s Christmas concert.  Her holiday headgear and mischievous smile reveal a lot — a fun-loving, entertaining youngest child.

Sound familiar?

No, I’m not talking about me (although as the baby of the family, I have been known to grab the spotlight from time to time).   I mean Emma’s actual doppelganger.

I’ve met her.

stacey sharerThis is Stacey.

She’s an MBA candidate at the Boston University School of Management.  And when I showed her Emma’s photo, she was quick to agree that the two were kindred spirits.

Emma, you are in excellent company.

Heads up

I have discovered the perfect holiday party accoutrement:

Reindeer antlers

While eating dinner last night at Post in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood, my friend Suzanne and I took note of two private parties underway in the upstairs dining room.

The first party was seated at a large table in the back, the diners serenely enjoying their meals created by Chef Eric.

The second party was awaiting their table near the second level bar, and the gentlemen were all wearing reindeer antlers.

Who was having more fun?  Take a guess.

So to all of you party planners out there currently contemplating your menus, libations, and decorations, make your list.  Check it twice.

Wouldn’t holiday head gear for your guests be NICE??