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White Christmas

I attended a way fun holiday party last night with an unusual twist:

The hosts used only napkins, cups and plates that could be placed directly into the compost —  very smart, very green.

Unfortunately, paper products of that ilk aren’t green…or any color, for that matter.  Composting means they can’t contain dyes.  So the party ware was of the decidedly winter white variety.

It was worth it.

But if you prefer color in your paper products, get a load of these! Toilet paper, paper towels, napkins and tissues by Renova in the brightest of the brights!

I love these vibrant, saturated tones.  The toilet paper pictured here is made of 100% virgin pulp, is very soft and absorbent, and is tested under “dermatological and gynaecological control.”

Ya gotta admit, it looks pretty cool.  And it’s also available in black, green, orange, and purple.

White Christmas?  Not necessarily.  (Can’t wait to see Nana’s face…)

Heads up

I have discovered the perfect holiday party accoutrement:

Reindeer antlers

While eating dinner last night at Post in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood, my friend Suzanne and I took note of two private parties underway in the upstairs dining room.

The first party was seated at a large table in the back, the diners serenely enjoying their meals created by Chef Eric.

The second party was awaiting their table near the second level bar, and the gentlemen were all wearing reindeer antlers.

Who was having more fun?  Take a guess.

So to all of you party planners out there currently contemplating your menus, libations, and decorations, make your list.  Check it twice.

Wouldn’t holiday head gear for your guests be NICE??

The noise

I’m not a soccer fan, so my World Cup experience this year was limited to friend’s Facebook status updates — so, so many of them — and random online news reports.

A team won.  (I’m almost certain.)  But the true breakout star of the games was without a doubt…the vuvuzela horn.  The Dr. Suess-inspired design.  That god-awful, annoying buzz.

You didn’t even have to watch a match to hear it.

After a cartoonist jokingly proposed ways to reinvent the horn — a dunce cap, a pipe — two South Africans staged an international design competition to reinvent the much maligned musical instrument.

The event began in July.  Over 150 designs were submitted to a panel of seven judges.  And the winner is….

A pair of earrings.

Okay.  Sure, they’re kinda cute.  I like hoops as much as the next gal.  And the colors are fun.

But are they, like, the most amazing design on the planet?


But here’s why I think they won the vuvuzela redesign competition.

Can the vuvuzela make any noise in this new configuration?  No.  Can you get any sound from those three independent dangling hoops?  Maybe, if there’s a stiff breeze blowing, you might get a clank or two, but I don’t think you’ll ever hear another buzz or moan from those puppies.

And that’s why those earrings beat out entries like the vuvuzela Christmas tree.  It’s pretty, but that sucker could still make noise if someone got a little lickered up at the holiday party.

Am I right?

You know I’m right.  And no one needs to hear that noise.

Ever. Again.