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Christmas Blues

From a very quick perusal of Facebook this morning, it sounds like a lot people out there are snowed in, cold, sad, behind in their shopping, fed up and worn down.

It happens every year.  The holidays can be treacherous.  Sometimes, ya just feel like singing the blues.

There’s a website for that.
Blues Maker not only shares your pain, it helps you create an original piece of harmonica music to express it.

You pick the subject matter, the harmonica licks, and in just a matter of moments, your sadness and your sorrow are put into song….so you and your hound dog can sing along.

Give ‘er a try.  It’ll make ya feel better.  Then you can commence with your celebrating.

(Apparently one possible side effect is a Southern accent.)

Uggs – ugh

Maybe it’s the nine inches of snow on the ground.  Maybe it’s the fact that my dog’s post-surgery leg kinda resembles a little bootie.  Or maybe it’s the darn online shopping articles that I’ve encountered this week.

But I feel compelled to speak out against a product today.

That product?  Uggs.

That’s right.  The celebrity favorite.  Worn in every kind of weather, on every coast.  A brand that has almost lost its trademark because people throw the name around with the same regularity of ‘Kleenex’ and ‘Xerox.’

But I have to go on record here.  In the beginning , I craved Uggs.  Had to have Uggs.  Asked for Uggs for Christmas and was lucky enough to receive Uggs.

I wore my Uggs for less than one winter season, and my classic, beautiful, expensive Uggs developed a hole — not in the bottom where you might expect it — but in the top of the toe.  That one-of-a-kind, special Australian leather crapped out in just a few months.

Damn Uggs.

I replaced them with a pair of L. L. Bean knock-offs.  That pair was less than half the price and lasted for years.  In fact, I only replaced it this year because I wanted more colors.

This year, I got two pairs.  These knock-off Uggs are made by Lamo — that’s right — Lamo.  The name is ridiculous, but they are comfortable and durable and come in all kinds of colors…and cost me $30.

So, if you think you NEED a pair of Uggs for Christmas this year, remember my cautionary tale.  The brand name is simply that — a name.  The companies that have followed have not just copied the design.

They’ve made it better.

Reason for season

Unless you are avoiding the news for some reason, you’ve probably heard about the huge snowstorm barreling toward the Northeast this very minute.  New York City — which storms normally dance around in these instances — is predicted to get over a foot of the white stuff.

And to think, just Thursday I was bragging to a cab driver in Rochester about how ‘we don’t get that kind of weather where I live.’


Well, it will make a lovely white Christmas for everyone visiting Manhattan (my sister and her husband included).  But the local headlines are focused primarily on the possible loss of retail dollars if shoppers can’t get to the stores in the bad weather.

Have any of these people ever been to New York City in a snowstorm?

Minutes — and I mean literally minutes — after major inches of snow have been dumped on the city, they disappear from the streets and sidewalks.  Our street cleaning crews are on it…sometimes quicker than I — a dog owner — would prefer.

Those streets are cleared and salted pronto, and I have to pull out the dog booties to get Rory to venture out since the salt really bothers his feet.  It’s either embarrassing booties, or me carrying him all the way to Central Park…and ya gotta romp in Central Park in the snow.  It’s a New York City tradition.

Just like shopping at Christmas time.  We’ll get out there, don’t you worry.

And if it’s that bad, there’s always online, right?

Shop till you…

I have learned new holiday shopping lingo this week!

As you know, yesterday was ‘Cyber Monday,’ when all the online shopping portals featured fabulous one-day sales and deals.

Did you take advantage?  Shop much and save big?  No?!?

If you didn’t take advantage of yesterday’s Cyber Monday savings, you may experience ‘Tuesday Regrets’.  (I heard this on a TV ad, so you know it must be true.)

Which leads one to surmise….

If your ‘Tuesday Regrets’ are not quickly treated — with a dose of online (or over-the-counter) retail therapy — you might find yourself sinking into the ‘Wednesday Despairs’, followed by a rapid downward spiral into the ‘Thursday Self-Loathings’.  (Sufferers are encouraged to avoid “Grey’s Anatomy”, which can exacerbate existing symptoms.)

If conditions persist, ‘Black Friday’ may return, but not the day shoppers fondly recall.  While they may experience a renewed urge to purchase, they will find no day-after-Thanksgiving specials, which can lead to disorientation, disappointment and severe depression.

‘Suicidal Thoughts Saturday’ can then last up to 24 hours, but typically is cut short.

Happy shopping!