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Ah ha

Remember this year’s Golden Globe Awards?

Hard to believe they were less than a month ago.  Modern Family, Boardwalk Empire and The Social Network were the big winners, and Ricky Gervais — with his mean-spirited, low blow jokes — was the biggest loser.


My ‘ah ha’ moment — or maybe it was more of a ‘say wha?’ — was Paul Giamatti’s win for Best Actor in a Motion Picture Musical or Comedy for a little-known movie called Barney’s Version (He beat out Kevin Spacey, Jake Gyllenhaal and two Johnny Depp nods in the process.)

So I decided to give it a look.

Here’s one thing the Hollywood Foreign Press got right.  Giamatti is brilliant as Barney in a movie that spans four decades of his life, three marriages, and literally dozens of bad decisions.  Whoever cast Dustin Hoffman as Barney’s father must be feeling pretty smug, too, because it was nothing short of inspired.

You can make fun of the Globes all day long and be perfectly justified.  But that award alone, and the light it shone on this funny, sad, twisted, lovely film, atones for a multitude of sins.

If Barney’s Version hadn’t won a Globe, it would have no doubt languished on a couple of screens in New York and Los Angeles before calling it a day. Thanks to the Globes, you may get a chance to see it at a ‘theater near you.’

Everybody wins.

Watch and win

If you love all things shallow — as we do here at The Sticky Egg — plump up your couch cushions and get comfy.

Shallowness is being serenaded, crowned and presented with sparkly awards this weekend on TV.

It begins Saturday night with the 2011 Miss America pageant — LIVE from Vegas! — and wraps up on Sunday with the ever-entertaining Golden Globe Awards, hosted by Ricky Gervais.

If you think about it, these two programs are a lot alike.

Both get their fair share of criticism.  Miss America because it’s a pageant, which many feel is an antiquated idea in this day and age with its swimsuit competition that displays the contestants’ “good health and fitness.”

And then, the Golden Globes, whose nominees are voted in by the Hollywood Foreign Press, which consistently selects those actors and projects who launch the most effective (translation: swaggeriffic) campaign.

Both programs also seem a bit dated.  Miss America‘s production values have always been a tad behind the times — far less glitzy and polished than the Donald Trump-produced Miss USA and Miss Universe.  And the Golden Globes still features a sit-down dinner at their show, which most other awards have abandoned due to the danger of mixing celebrities, alcohol and live television.

Personally, I’ve always found the folksiness of the Miss America broadcast to be part of its charm.  I like making fun of the contestants and the show.

If it gets too slick, where’s the funny in that?

Same goes for the Golden Globes.  The stars drinking at the show practically guarantees that something is going to go wrong on live television, which is way more interesting than the overly-produced Oscars.

So, pull up a chair — or your DVR — and watch all the beauty queens and movie stars put themselves out there for crowns and trophies.  There will be tears.  There will be joy.

And there’s bound to be a bobble or two — do you really want to miss that??

Seeing double

The Golden Globes have always been a bit of a bad boy in the awards community.

The Hollywood Foreign Press is in charge, so newcomers and outsiders are recognized (to the insiders’ dismay).  Everyone is clearly drinking during the ceremony, which can lead to some rather colorful acceptance speeches. (Remember Kate Winslet’s semi-hysterical ramblings after she finally won not once but twice last year?)

And then, there is the name of the awards themselves.  Golden Globes?  I’ll bet pretty much every man out there visualizes a certain part of the female anatomy when he hears that term.

Based on this year’s Golden Globe nominations announced just this morning — my, aren’t I topical — we will all be seeing double come January.

Sandra Bullock is nominated twice — for Best Actress, Drama, “The Blind Side” and Best Actress, Comedy, “The Proposal.”

Meryl Streep is nominated twice as well…this time in the same category (Best Actress, Comedy), for “It’s Complicated” and “Julie and Julia.”

Matt Damon is nominated twice, too — for Best Actor, Comedy, “The Informant!” and Best Supporting Actor, Drama, “Invictus.”

Pretty exciting, huh?  With all those nominations, you’re bound to snag at these one, right?

Not necessarily.  Just ask Julianne Moore.  She’s been nominated twice before and walked away empty-handed.  Kate Winslet’s vapor-inducing win last year was the exception, not the norm. I think multiple nominations often muddy up the field and, if anything, just point more clearly to the other actors in that category.

And let’s not forget — the Golden Globes recognize television as well.  Anna Paquin, nominated Best Actress,  “True Blood”, was also nominated Best Actress, made-for-TV movie “The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler.”

Who’s going to win it all?  It’s still “Up in the Air.”

He he he