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Paper part deux

Are these sticky notes a ‘good thing?’

Of course they are.  They’re Martha Stewart Sticky Notes.

You heard me.  Martha is branding sticky notes now.  Applying her custom colors — and what appears to be tiny notches — to the corner of everyday stickies.

They are supposedly super sticky — more so than the regular Avery brand that Staples carries.  And Martha has handpicked the colors, so they will coordinate with any other Martha accessories you have in your kitchen or home office.

Because using sticky notes that don’t match your home decor?

That’s definitely not a good thing.


Please. Stand. Still.

I spent a lot of my childhood motion sick.  Cars, boats, planes, you name it — we just didn’t get along.

But what if the very floor could give you vertigo?

Don’t laugh.  It’s happening.

Researchers in Jersey City, New Jersey have found that high contrast black-and-white carpeting is making people sick.

We’re talking headaches.  Visual distress.  Even seizures in epileptics.

Man…that boat trip is sounding better all the time.

They aren’t exactly sure why a high contrast repeating pattern can give the illusion of motion and make viewers sick.  But based on their findings, researchers do recommend that you give carpet more than a quick glance before you make any purchase for your home.

Your home?  I think this information is even more important for all the planes, trains, and automobiles out there.

Talk about a double whammy!

Proof’s in the pork

Uh oh.  Those ‘newly married’ friends of yours have already lasted an entire year!  It’s time to buy an anniversary present — what to do?

No worries — it’s Flitch Day!

According to customs that have been in place since the 15th century, any couple who can prove to a jury of bachelors and maidens that they have lived together in ‘harmony and fidelity’ during the past year gets a flitch of bacon.

(That’s a side of bacon in modern speak.)

No more checking their registry at Target.  No more worrying about colors or style of decor.  Agonizing about sizes is a thing of the past.

Just pass that platter of bacon to the lucky bride and groom!

(William and Kate are going to be so excited…)

Pretty piggy

In my book, bacon is the perfect food.  Smells great.  Tastes even better.  And there’s that hilarious dog treat commercial:

“Bacon, bacon, bacon!  I can’t READ!!!”

Ah, bacon, (said the Sticky Egg).  But today I learned two things about bacon that I did not know.

1. There’s a website dedicated to this porkiest of delights:  BaconToday.com
(I’ll be bookmarking that one before my next breakfast.)

2. Graphic designer Neil Caldwell has created bacon in the colors of the rainbow.

Does bacon need to be in bright colors?  No.  Will they make it taste better?  Probably not.  But ya gotta admit — it’s pretty amazing looking.  And the colors maintain their brightness post-cooking.

BaconToday.com points out that the bright colors will almost guarantee kids will eat their bacon…something I’m sure every mother worries about each morning.  My first thought was home decor.  Now you can match your meat to your kitchen colors…or the holiday you’re celebrating…or that color that suits your personality best.

That rainbow rasher in the photo would make a great centerpiece in and of itself.  You don’t even have to eat bacon to appreciate it.

Caldwell is keeping mum about how he makes his bacon bright, but I have a feeling food companies will pay him big bucks for his secret.  Bacon isn’t the only food even more attractive in living color.

Off the wall

Rory and I walked to Riverside Park yesterday for a change of pace.  (Always makes me feel like I’m in a scene from ‘You’ve Got Mail’ —  “Don’t you think daisies are the friendliest flower?”)

Anyhoo…along the way we happened upon several brownstones whose owners don’t practice window treatments.  While I personally keep my mini-blinds tightly shut 24/7 — I was a vampire long before Edward stole my heart — I applaud other folks’ decision to lay bare their windows so I that can peek inside at their decor.

And here’s what I repeatedly saw:  walls covered floor to ceiling with pictures.  We’re talking portraits, landscapes and prints literally lining the walls, with a scant two-inch separation.

Is this typical?  I came home and looked at my apartment, each wall featuring a lone picture at its center.  I’ve always found this look to be clean and uncluttered.  Plus, I think it highlights the artwork — the singularity gives the print focus and importance.

Seeing all those pictures one after the other made me a tad nervous.  The layout is visually overwhelming…akin to a very messy desktop.

It’s probably just a matter of personal taste or how you were raised.  But deep down, I think how you display your art is a tiny peek inside how your brain works.

And really — do you wanna leave that on display to nosy neighbors like me?