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Horse sense

chicago horse carlaIf you need another reason to visit beautiful Chicago, think


Actually, think about the Cows on Parade art installation that started in Chi-town back in 1999 and traveled the world.  To date, it has raised close to $25 million for nonprofit organizations.

The horse statues currently on display around the city are also individually sponsored and beautifully decorated by local artists, and have been designed in the likeness of Chicago’s Mounted Patrol Unit horses. Each is named for a fallen police officer, and all monies raised will provide financial support to injured Chicago police officers and the families of those killed in the line of duty.

I hope Lexington, Kentucky is on the national tour because these beauties would be right at home in the Bluegrass State.

Am I right, #BBN?



New Yorkers —

All over the city, Horse Heroes are taking to the streets to urge City Council Members to show compassion for our city’s abused carriage horses.


Write to your City Council member at http://nyclass.org/citycouncil

Horse sense

Luck’s luck ran out.

So HBO canceled the series.

I applaud the network for halting production and ultimately making the decision to end the series after a fourth horse died on the set.

Some reports say the animal rights issue gave HBO a good excuse to cancel the new drama, which had poor ratings right out of the starting gate.  Whatever the reason, I’m just glad the horses are out of harm’s way.

No TV show is worth the risk.

Now…if we can just convince the City of New York that carriage rides for tourists are no excuse for horses losing their lives.

Falling star

When I heard the news that Kaley Cuoco, who plays Penny on the very funny “The Big Bang Theory,” had broken her leg in a horse riding accident over the weekend, I was sad for her.  I’m sure that hurt.

Then I had the inevitable thought, “Man, I’ll bet that made a big bang.”

(Sorry, Kaley.  Occupational hazard.)

But I have to admit — then I got kinda excited.  Although Kaley is taking a week off the show to mend, and the show will then shut down for an already scheduled week-long hiatus, Penny having a broken leg seems to open the door to endless TBBT hilarity.

Were the writers this happy?

First, they have to decide if they are going to use the broken leg in the storyline at all.  Seems like a given to me; TBBT uses the apartment stairwell as a setting too much to simply hide Penny’s cast behind a coach, shopping bag or tight camera angle (devices used by sitcoms for years to hide stars’ pregnant bellies).

So, they have to begin by explaining where Penny disappeared to during her medical leave week.  Might be a great opportunity to suggest a new man in her life.  A romantic ski trip, perhaps…a bad fall on the slopes.  She comes back with a ginormous cast and a great looking guy to help nurse her back to health.

He’ll annoy the hell out of Le0nard and will be someone new for Sheldon to terrorize.  And you know Penny will never hear the end of her falling.  I’m sure there is a terribly confusing scientific reason as to why she shouldn’t have fallen in the first place.

I like it.

TBBT, feel free to use the idea to get started…but you’ll have to bring me on staff to flesh it out.  Have your people call my people to talk money.