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Fly away

I used to think, incorrectly,  that the common housefly lives less than a week.


Thanks to the Google machine, I have since learned that a fly can live 15+ days in the wild, and 30 days in optimal conditions.

What are optimal conditions?

The temps available in your home. Or, I should say, my home.

I have had a fly buzzing around my apartment for almost a week. He only reveals himself once or twice a day.

I haven’t been able to swat him, and I haven’t been able to get him to go out the door.

And really, why would he?

He’s got it made here.

Home on the range

I had never watched HGTV until a recent trip to Lexington, Kentucky. After a weekend with my friends Vikki and Ella, I was hooked, and now HGTV is the official background noise in my apartment.

Sorry, Food Network. You’ve been replaced.

love it or list itA show that I now see a bit too often is Love It or List It.

A realtor and a home designer vie to fix the problems of a homeowner.

The realtor looks for a suitable new purchase. The home designer rehabs the current house on a set budget.  At the end of the program, the homeowners to have decide to “love it or list it.”

Way too often the owners keep the current house even though the designer wasn’t able to fix their problems, and the realtor found a home that met all their list of must-haves.

Why can’t people leave their trouble-filled homes?  Is it inertia?  Nostalgia for four walls with a roof?

I just don’t get it.

I have lived in nine different places since I moved out on my own, three of which I have owned, and I never shed a tear when I moved on to the next one…especially if the new place better met my needs.

Am I heartless?  Hopeless?

List it, baby, list it.


So moving

There’s nothing The Egg likes better than a holiday…especially one that appears to have no basis in history.  So…

Happy Waiting for the Barbarians Day!!

Can’t find much back story on this one, folks.  I have found a lot of other people online trying to figure it out…and laughing about it…and applauding it, even though they have no idea what they’re celebrating.

Kinda reminds you of the mid-term elections, huh?  Kidding!

So, in the proud ‘tradition’ of National Waiting for the Barbarians Day, I will opine on what this day means to me and, indeed, to the world.

That’s right — I’m gonna make shit up.

National Waiting for the Barbarians Day is that 24-hour period each year when we salute movers — you know, the folks we pay to move our stuff, whether it’s 10 blocks away or cross country.

How many times have you sat in your house, apartment, or condo….just waiting for the barbarians to pick up your heavy stuff, hurl it into their truck — hopefully with minimal breakage — and transport it to your new home?

One group of barbarians picks up your stuff; new barbarians greet you when you arrive.  Or maybe not.  I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve waited for the barbarians over the years — sometimes hours or even days longer than originally scheduled.

But I wouldn’t make a move without ’em.

In fact, if I saw one of them today, I’d give ’em a big ol’ pat on the back — if I could reach that high — and this mug as a gift, to honor their great national holiday.

Because they were good barbarians, all of them…and definitely worth the wait.