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Big time nostalgia

This morning many New Yorkers were puzzled by the presence of a particularly prodigious Rubik’s Cube, floating along the Hudson River on a barge.


Or maybe not. (They live here….they’ve seen everything by now.)

The colossal cube was created by the Liberty Science Center in neighboring Jersey City as part of their weekend-long celebration of the popular game’s 40th birthday.

While you are recovering from that punch to your sense of time and space, think about this —

What other games from our childhood deserve to be made ginormous and set afloat on a nearby body of water?

Easy Bake Ovens?  Troll Dolls?  Pet Rocks?

Cast your vote in the comments!



Holding pattern

Don’t you just hate getting the go around?

That’s right — the ‘go around.’

My flight from Chicago got one from air traffic control as we neared LaGuardia tonight.

Airplane-Taking-Off We had just finished flying up the Hudson River and were within mere seconds of landing when the pilot suddenly accelerated upward, away from the airport.

As we appeared to leave the city, he explained that we received the ‘go around’ order because an aircraft was taking off on the same runway.

So we entered a holding pattern and landed about 20 minutes later.

Obviously we were very lucky, and I doubt anyone on the plane minded the slight delay.

But I’ll miss my stomach.

NYC saves

In the most recent issue of New York magazine — which features Jon Stewart mugging on the cover — a sidebar stat jumped out at me more than any feature story could.

It compared suicide rates nationally versus those in New York City.  (The percentages quoted were per 100,000 population.)

Nation:  11.4 %

New York City 5.7%

(The numbers for Manhattan drop to 5.2% if you take away the out-of-towners who come to our lovely metropolis to off themselves.)

Surprised?  I certainly was.  I think we all assume that city living is more stressful, and higher stress leads to more thoughts — and acts — of ending it all.

And then you see these numbers.

But then — maybe I shouldn’t be so surprised.  Because even if New Yorkers think about ending it all, there is so much here to distract us from taking that final step!

Having a bad day?  You can go see a Broadway show!

Is your job is driving you insane?  Walk home through Central Park or just sit along the Hudson River and you’ll feel instantly renewed.

Life can seems meaningless and without merit…and then you have the opportunity to hear a great writer speak or witness an amazing piece of artwork up close and personal.  Even when your world seems small and claustrophobic, you can look around and see the diversity and beauty that is New York City.  I’m sure that fact alone saves people every day.

Oh…and Jon Stewart.  He keeps us going as well.

Did you hear…

Last night I had dinner with a friend at the Pier 1 Cafe, an outdoor eatery on the Hudson River at 70th Street in Manhattan.  The weather was perfect, so it was a great evening to sit outside with the dogs and enjoy the view of the Jersey skyline.

On the walk back uptown, we were laughing at the snippets of conversation we overheard from passersby — everything from one man’s recitation of his daily pill intake to a teenager’s repeated, “So, what are we gonna do now, huh?  Huh?” to his rather bored looking girlfriend.

(We weren’t eavesdropping; they were just talking really loud.)

That’s when my friend told me about a website called OverheardinNewYork.com — a compilation of conversation overheard in New York City and beyond that is posted online for everyone to enjoy.

These hilarious gems are submitted by everyday folks; the website editors put them into categories — heard in the office, the beach, New York City, celebrity wit, and everywhere (as in everywhere else) — and then give them snarky headlines.  They let site visitors get in on the fun, too, with regular contests where you can submit your headline ideas.  Winners receive copies of the book Overheard in New York.  (Yes, there’s a book, too.)

Here are a few you might enjoy:

Mom to daughter, wandering off: No, come back here, I don’t want to lose you in the store. I already lost one of my kids that way, and that’s enough.

Wife: You’re so grim!
Husband: You made me grim.
Wife: Did I make you grim?
Husband: I’m not grim.

Girl: I’m so glad I don’t work nine to five.
Friend: So, when do you work?
Girl: Eight to four thirty.

Silly, right?  But if nothing else, regular visits to the website will make you feel smarter.



The geese.

No one had considered their side of the story — or given them any air time — until last night on Weekend Update.

And damn, was it funny.

One year ago, Captain Sully Sullenberger and his crew safely landed their US Airways jetliner in the Hudson River after striking a flock of geese five minutes after take off from LaGuardia.   Immediately following the incident, another US Airways pilot [cast member Jason Sudeikis] appeared on “Saturday Night Live,”  filled with sarcasm and envy that no one was honoring him for successfully landing his flight on the runway…like you’re supposed to.

Let’s face it — he had a point…albeit a bitter one.

Last night, a year after the tragedy, Larry the Goose had the spotlight to remember his fallen comrades in a parody of the name recitation ritual that is performed at the 9/11 Memorial.  Kinda wrong….but since no one actually died on the Hudson River, I’m assuming people gave this a pass, especially once they heard the goose names being listed, including:

Goose Springsteen

Ganderson Cooper

Geese Witherspoon

Honk Williams, Jr.

…just to name a few.

I don’t mean to simply recreate the sketch; you should watch it on nbc.com for the full effect.  And hopefully, like me, you’ll find more than the goose funny.

You’ll laugh at all of us.