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Clean out your ears

It’s Hump Day!

But in Montana, apparently the wind was blowing kinda hard, and the locals thought they said…

Ski Jump Day

ski jump

So now they have snow. On September 10th. And more on the way.

Man, that is early.

Listen more carefully, folks.


Someone had to


With the naked eye

Can you trust your eyes?  Let’s take a poll and find out!

What is pictured below?

sand under microscope

Thu 9/5:  Hope you enjoyed yesterday’s Hump Day mystery!  The correct answer is “colored sand.”

The trend

Hump Day is trending on Twitter.

A lot of Wednesdays have come and gone, but this is the first time I’ve noticed it being a topic of conversation…which led me to Google it.

Awww…isn’t that cute?

And really, that’s what Hump Day is all about — the idea that Wednesday gives us momentum, that extra little push over the hill to get through the rest of the week.

So I searched a little bit more and look who strolled in…

Yep.  I mean, really — wouldn’t you have been surprised if there wasn’t a Hump Day graphic with a camel on it?

But then I stopped looking. Because the rest of the Hump Day stuff on the web?

Seriously twisted.  Burns your eyes.  Look away.

(You’re looking now, aren’t you?)