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Chewy gooey

This Secret Ingredient Will Change Your Grilled Cheese Game










Yes, please.


Halloween is only five days away.

vampire baby

Better have your candy ready…

‘Cause I’m pretty sure she wants some.

Butter and salt, please

Did you know that 93 percent of facts are made up?

Maybe not…but I believe this chart is SPOT. ON.

popcorn chart

Anyone else really hungry right now?


I learned a new word today…or, I should say, new to me:


As soon as I heard the word in conversation with a friend, I Googled it…and realized it was not just a word, but a phenomenon.


Hangry, simply stated, is that spirit-sucking irritability that results from being hungry.  I experienced it today when I had too many errands to run and not enough time to eat.

While I am all-too familiar with the feeling, I had never had the perfect word to describe it.

Until now.

So I am no longer hangry; instead, I’m simply happy.  ‘Cause the right word can do that for ya.

Come closer…closer still

Seems like we spend a lot of time these days debating what’s in the food we eat….and depending on the day, landing on different sides.

It almost kills the taste.

Photographer Caren Alpert takes a different — or should I say much closer — view.  She uses an electron microscope to look at the foods we eat to reveal different landscapes, textures and patterns.

cake sprinkles
Cake Sprinkles
table salt
Table Salt
terra cibus no.3: celery leaf
Celery Leaf

She makes the ordinary exotic.  And maybe it’s just lunchtime…

But she’s making me hungry.