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Meals that matter

When Hurricane Sandy devastated portions of New York and New Jersey last October, my Upper West Side neighborhood didn’t even lose power.

To say we were lucky doesn’t even cover it.

dine out njThat’s why I am excited to have the opportunity to participate in National Dine Out Day — to eat out at one of the many restaurants that are donating a percentage of today’s sales to the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund.

And the great thing is…you can, too!  Restaurant chains across the country — in practically every state — are taking part.  Check the list to see if there is a participating location near you, and dine out to make a difference!

If your state didn’t make the list, you can still donate to the cause here.

Trick or treat

I returned to New York City today.

I couldn’t wait to get home, but was frightened of what I would see.

The aerial view of the city, half blacked out and silent, haunted me. The news cameras had focused on flood, fires, that precarious shifting crane. My airport cab driver told similar tales.

But then he dropped me off at my door. Businesses are open. People wander the street, friends gather, dogs bark. My neighborhood looks much like I left it three days ago.

And just 50 blocks south lies destruction.

Tonight I am a very, very lucky girl.

Ticket to ride

Question: How many tickets does it take to get from Boston to New York City?

Answer: Five, so far

Hurricane Sandy’s path and aftermath have made every form of transportation here in the Northeast a big ol’ question mark.  So since Monday, I have been purchasing multiple tickets on the bus and train and waiting to see which one would be up and running when I was ready to head back to the Big Apple.  The winner?


They are not my usual carrier, but they have quickly become my favorite since they are the first to re-establish service between Boston and New York City.

212, I will soon be in you!

Don’t slam the door

Dear Frankenstorm,

These are the only ‘sandies’ that are welcome in these parts.







Please be on your way.

And stop dripping all the water. You’re making a mess.


The Northeast

The little things

Life can get kinda stress-y.

Which is why, when you get a gift — like this scene from last week’s Parks and Recreation — you should watch it again and again.

I love you, Ben and Leslie.

And now back to my regularly scheduled stress…from that bitch Sandy.


As the East Coast prepares for a hurricane, I find myself distracted by its name.

Sandy sounds more like a 50’s musical ingenue.

It makes sense that the name would be dated.  They have been rotating the same names for years, and only retire one if the hurricane has great intensity and destruction.

My name, Carla, was on that list until 1961 when it was the namesake of a Category 4 hurricane that struck the Texas coast.  Hurricane Carla did over $2 billion in damage and killed 43 people, and so the name was officially retired.

My aunts used to talk about Hurricane Carla, but I thought they were just teasing me (as I am often full of hot air).  However, it remains one of the most powerful storms to ever hit the United States.

Let’s hope Sandy sings a showtune instead.