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Like, cool

Have I mentioned lately how much I love the Internet?

Look at what I found, just by clicking around in that shopping mecca, Amazon.com.

What is it?

At first glance, I thought it looked like a really big gem…so maybe a funky jewelry box or safe?  Or maybe it’s some kind of light, although the lid seems contrary to that idea.

Need more time? Or are you ready for the answer?

It’s an ice cream ball — a newfangled ice cream maker that you don’t have to crank.  You just add ice and rock salt in one end, and ice cream mix in the other.  Screw the lid on, toss it around with your kids, friends or dog for 10-15 minutes, and voila — ice cream.

Well…that seems entirely too easy to me.

Scratch cooking of any kind should involve more skill, time and talent. (Heck, I had to hand crank ice cream when I was a kid.)

But who cares what they do — I just think they are cool looking!  I may just buy one anyway.

Now an even bigger problem — what color do I choose?

And will it look snazzy hanging around my neck?