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Head case

Do you suffer from migraines?  I do.  In fact,  I had one last week.

Wish I had known this!


Next time…

There’s hope

Everyone is talking about the weather.

It doesn’t matter where you live — it’s snowing or icing, and the temps are dangerously low. Everyone is being told to stay indoors.

It’s for our own protection.

tulips2015Yet in the midst of all this cold, a few bulbs can flourish in just a few inches of water.

In three days, I have watched them go from simple green stems to three visible blooms (and a hint of more to come).

Makes me believe that spring is more than just a groundhog’s shadowy promise.

Or we could fly a kite

So, Manhattan got four more inches of snow last night…on top of the eight that were already on the ground.

But the falling ice woke me up.

I don’t dwell on the weather too much — at least, not on this blog — but I have to wonder, as the local news reports power outages for thousands of residents yet again in New Jersey and other neighboring states —

ice on electrical wiresWhy don’t more cities bury their power lines?

Cost is probably the answer, but after a winter like this one — one that is not nearly over — I would think residents in New Jersey, for instance, might think of that cost as an investment.

Aren’t there lots of costs associated with fixing the downed lines after every storm? Trimming the trees around the downed lines? Lost productivity?  Lost revenue?

Lost food in the frig and freezer?

Just wondering.  I have electricity right now, and I think everyone else should, too.

Save the salt for our chips, please

When I arrived home last night, light snow was falling on New York City. The street was quiet. My footprints (and luggage tracks) were the first to disturb the sidewalk snow. It was a welcome scene.

This morning’s cityscape was very different.

sidewalk saltBuilding superintendents and doormen had arisen early to litter the sidewalks with salt, which burns the paws of  dogs and can make them sick if they lick it. Plus, the chemicals in the melting ice can contaminate the soil and ground water.

And yet building owners continue to spread it quite liberally, every snowy morning.

Safe T Pet Ice MeltI’m not saying leave sidewalks untreated — simply use a safer melting alternative.

Our good friends at Morton Salt make an ice melt that is salt free, chloride free, and organic.  It doesn’t irritate dog paws or tummies and melts below 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

Does it cost a bit more?  Like most green-friendly products, it is a bit more expensive.  But stacked against the high price our pets and the environment pay, I’d say it’s well worth it.

I’m going to talk to my building super today.

“You say traction; I say corrosive chemicals.  Let’s call the whole thing off!”

Do you see what I see

It’s the weekend before Christmas…

tiny tree

And someone is playing with the photo editor on their phone.

It’s just a tiny tree on the dresser in my bedroom. But with a few minor adjustments, I have created an icy winter wonderland.

(But my toes are still toasty warm!)

Like, cool

Have I mentioned lately how much I love the Internet?

Look at what I found, just by clicking around in that shopping mecca, Amazon.com.

What is it?

At first glance, I thought it looked like a really big gem…so maybe a funky jewelry box or safe?  Or maybe it’s some kind of light, although the lid seems contrary to that idea.

Need more time? Or are you ready for the answer?

It’s an ice cream ball — a newfangled ice cream maker that you don’t have to crank.  You just add ice and rock salt in one end, and ice cream mix in the other.  Screw the lid on, toss it around with your kids, friends or dog for 10-15 minutes, and voila — ice cream.

Well…that seems entirely too easy to me.

Scratch cooking of any kind should involve more skill, time and talent. (Heck, I had to hand crank ice cream when I was a kid.)

But who cares what they do — I just think they are cool looking!  I may just buy one anyway.

Now an even bigger problem — what color do I choose?

And will it look snazzy hanging around my neck?