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Roll with it

Weekends are made for cinnamon rolls.

My sister and I used to make them all the time when we still lived at home.

We used the convenient canned variety.  Popped them open. Arranged them in the pan.  And a short 11-13 minutes later, we were icing them and arguing over the one in the center.

(No edges.)

I haven’t had cinnamon rolls in a long time.  But this photo from the Pioneer Woman’s recipe on FoodNetwork.com reminded me of those yummy breakfasts on lazy weekend mornings.

But her rolls’ estimated total prep time?  2 hours 40 minutes!!

Pioneer Woman — we have ovens and modern conveniences now.  You might wanna take advantage.

Dough boy

Today we ponder the cupcake.

Take a close look.  What do you see?

A child’s party favorite, certainly.  A dessert small enough to eat without much guilt.  A treat that’s often pretty enough to do double-duty as decor.

But a weapon — a legitimate ‘book ’em Dano’ weapon?

Police in Chicago fell for it.

They charged a local woman with misdemeanor domestic battery Sunday after she allegedly threw cupcakes at her husband during an argument.  When officers arrived on the scene, his head and shirt were smeared with icing.

Excuse me, but — so what?

According to the Chicago Tribune, the ‘cupcake war’ victim had been arrested three times in the last eight years on domestic battery or battery charges himself.  Wonder if his weapon of choice was something as soft and cushy as a cupcake?

I’m guessing no.

Note — his charges were all dropped.  Wonder if they will be as lenient with our cupcake criminal?