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Edible art

I have discovered someone who is as big a fan of candy as I am.

Yes, it’s possible.

popsiclesDick Close, a graphic designer and illustrator from Cincinnati, had a booth at the Francisco’s Farm Arts Festival in Midway, Kentucky. The artist also enjoys watercolor, and his favorite subject matter is candy and popsicles.

I totally get that.

gummy bears

My favorite painting was of these three red gummy bears.

But I think you’ll find his entire portfolio is a sweet treat.

By the way, I did ask the artist if he eats the candy when he is finished painting. He said no.

He has talent and self-control that I will never know.

Two-gether forever

Emerald may be the Pantone Color of the Year for 2013…but what is the Pantone Pairing?

Milk and cookies?
Bacon and eggs?
Ham and cheese?

Minneapolis-based illustrator and art director David Schwen has re-imagined all our favorite comfort foods as Pantone color swatches on his Instagram blog.

The idea came to him quite by accident, but the visual experiment somehow gets to the art at the heart of the culinary combinations we hold most dear.

My nomination for favorite Pantone Pairing?  Peanut butter and cheese.









Don’t knock it till you’ve paired it.

Dance, dance baby

I love a good documentary on a Saturday morning.

And First Position, which is currently in theatres and available OnDemand, is great.

The feature film documents the journey of six young ballet dancers as they attempt to qualify and compete in the Youth America Grand Prix in New York City, the most prestigious youth ballet competition in the world. 

This contest isn’t just about trophies or medals; it’s serious business.  The winning dancers receive full scholarships to top ballet schools and contracts to the most prestigious ballet companies in the world — jobs that are few and far between.

The filmmakers have amazing access to the dancers at home, in the rehearsal studio, and in the wings before, during and after their competition performances.  It’s pretty incredible…and no small wonder the documentary was named the audience choice’s first runner up for Best Documentary at the Toronto Film Festival where it premiered.

See?  Told you it was great.


How often do we judge something as being good or bad without fully understanding it?

We’re all human, so I would guess…too many times to count.

It appears Anthony Burrill agrees. The English illustrator and designer is well-known for his posters, videos and 3-D pieces.

Check out his print below.















I love this.

(What is it?)