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Good boy

I don’t remember the first time I saw the actor Tom Hardy on the big screen.

After consulting imdb.com, I’m tempted to say it was for supporting roles in either Star Trek: Nemesis or Marie Antoinette. But after Inception, I knew his name.

And after This Means War, the action rom-com with Reese Witherspoon and Chris Pine, I liked him.

tomhardydogBut after seeing the pics of Tom with his dog at the London premiere of his new film Legend, our relationship is taking a turn for the serious.

He brought this dog to the red carpet.

I think I’m in love.

Monster mash

One of the first movies that kept me up at night was a version of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein that I saw during my grade school years on a late night ‘creature feature.’

I’ve searched IMDB.com to no avail, trying to locate the specific retelling. But I do have a memory of the final scenes — Dr. Frankenstein destroying himself and his monster. And the monster says, “Well done, master.”

No wonder I had nightmares.

There’s yet another remake of the classic story, starring James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe, coming out at Thanksgiving time .

This one looks like as much fun as fright. I’m in!

I’ll alert the media

I passed this delivery truck in my neighborhood yesterday afternoon.  The service is new to me, but the name is a classic.


Can it really be over 30 years now — 1981 in fact — since Dudley Moore burst onto the scene in the comedy classic Arthur, with Sir John Gielgud at his side as his loyal, oh-so-proper manservant Hobson?
arthur hobson

Even he might approve of the logo’s jaunty cap and just-so tie.

The driver of the delivery van was very young.  I couldn’t help but wonder — does he even understand the reference for the company name?

Perhaps he is more familiar with the cringeworthy 2011 movie version of Arthur where Helen Mirren portrayed  Hobson in a bit of gender-bending casting.  If so, he is probably confused by the logo. (Helen didn’t wear a hat.)

And thinks the movie was awful.

Young people.




Road trip

Love movies?  Love to travel?

Using IMDb.com ratings, Reddit user Jakubisko created a map of the most popular movies set in each U.S. state.

IMDB popular movies by state

Now…don’t you suddenly feel well-traveled?

(Thanks, Jakubisko.)

Back to the future (no — the other future)

I watched The Terminator during lunch yesterday.

terminatorThe movie is almost 30 years old, but certain things still hold up.

1. Arnold is scary.  When he forces his way into Sarah Connor’s home and kills her roommate and boyfriend, that still totally freaks me out.  I can remember coming back to my apartment after seeing The Terminator in 1984 in the movie theatre and lying in bed, mapping out my escape route if a cyborg broke in.

We’re talking sleepless nights, people.

2. Michael Biehn (Kyle Reece) is hot.  He comes back from the future to save Sarah Connor, so he’s already a good guy…and then we all know what happens next.  (Cue the sexy music.)  But here’s a tip — don’t go looking at his current photo on imdb.com like I did.

It has been 30 years, after all.

3. Linda Hamilton has bad hair. I’m pretty sure I thought that at the time as well.  And I really think it now.  We’re talking serious helmet head.  But she is the mother of John Connor, who saves the planet…

So I will cut her some slack.

What the wha?

I’ve been working all morning in a very small, windowless room, and when I finally came up for air, what headline greeted me?

Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal Are Dating

Wow…how long was I in there?

These two seems words apart to me, but when I looked it up on imdb.com, it turns out Taylor is 21 and Jake’s only 30.  Still…she seems like a really young 21, and he is kinda old for his years.

So where does that net out? Taylor’s practically dating her dad….or someone who could be her dad in the mental sense.  Still, Jake is probably a whole lot better looking than her dad.  (Just guessing…never seen the man.)

But why would Jake date Taylor?  She is the total antithesis of Reese Witherspoon, his last great love.  Reese is the divorced mother of two kids, and from all reports, Jake was super serious.

The perfect antidote?  Date a young blond thing that is so far from marriage or thoughts of  a serious relationship that you’re guaranteed a fairly stress-free good time.

And it’s shouldn’t strain on your brain, either.

Of course, that’s assuming the reports are even true.  They were sighted together at “Saturday Night Live;” in Brooklyn near Maggie Gyllenhaal’s home; and out together for Sunday brunch.  Sounds like something-something to me!

Oh well, back into the windowless room.  No doubt they’ll both be dating someone else by the time I come out.

Going dark

How long would you last off the grid?  Your Internet connection wiped.  No texting, no Facebook, no tweeting, no, no…

Sorry.  Things started to go a bit dark there for a minute.

Last night’s episode of “Modern Family” posed the question as an intra-family competition, which ended up lasting two short, very difficult days for the Dunphy family.  (Phil won.  Then it turned out his oldest daughter tricked him, and that she actually won.  If you didn’t see it, well my goodness, why not??)

Two days off line?  I wouldn’t last that long.

Heck, to write this blog entry alone, I had six browser windows open — WordPress, Facebook,  AOL, Twitter, NYTimes.com and Google.  Plus, I had my Palm Pre at my side.  And I was watching television and Skyping with my sister.

Off the grid?  More like off the charts.

I can’t remember the last time I sat down and simply watched TV.  Tweeting and checking Facebook have become a natural part of the experience.  See an actor that you don’t recognize?  Look them up on imdb.com.  Hear a funny line?  Post it on Facebook…or share it via an open chat window on AIM.

Sitting back and passively enjoying entertainment is a thing of the past.  Interacting with that TV show or movie or Youtube video — that’s the norm today.  And the thought of even 48 hours without that option gives me the willies.

So, cheer up, Phil.  Your daughter might have pulled a fast one on you, but you would have kicked my butt at this bet (if I had the guts to enter in the first place).

Did you know…Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who met while at Stanford University and collaborated on the Google web search engine, originally called it “BackRub” ?  Snazzy.

King me

Is dressing like Elvis cool again?

I’m only asking because, during a 24-hour period, I saw three men of varying ages, all dressed a la King.  And I’m talking far outside the Vegas city limits — in Buffalo, New York, to be exact.

The first gentleman was my cabbie.  He had fuzzy dice hanging from his rearview mirror — he won them in Atlantic City — and wore long mutton chop sideburns.  He didn’t affect an Elvis drawl, but his intent was obvious.

The second slightly older Elvis was all voice and swagger.  He was dressed in western gear, kinda like Elvis as Jess Wade in “Charro!”  (That’s an older reference from back when Elvis made cheesy movies.  Consult imdb.com for further information.)

And the last Elvis sat across from me on the plane back to Manhattan.  He wore a purple leather jacket paired with a turquoise collared shirt.  He had the coif down cold, and I’ll bet he wasn’t a day over 25.

Long live the King!

Let’s roll

Matt Damon films are usually a good bet.

Just look at his filmography on imdb.com.

His breakout role in “Good Will Hunting” (Oscar, Best Original Screenplay)
“The Talented Mr. Ripley”
The “Ocean’s Eleven” franchise
“The Bourne Identity/Supremacy/Ultimatum”
“Stuck on You” — a personal favorite
“The Good Shepherd”
“The Departed” (Oscar, Best Picture, Best Director)
“The Informant!”

Yeah, Matt brings it.

But based on the trailer for his latest movie “The Green Zone,” I’m afraid the screenwriter didn’t.

The movie is very Bourne-like, which plays to Matt’s strengths. It’s got Greg Kinnear in it, too, which makes me happy. But the trailer is a literal cliche fest.

How are we supposed to get excited about a film that promotes itself with lines like…

“Let’s roll!”

“I came here to save lives!”

“Put your game face on!”

“You’re my prisoner. I’m taking you in!”

“People are dying out here. I want to know why!”

“You have no idea who you’re dealing with!”

Brian Helgeland wrote “The Green Zone.” He won an Oscar for the “LA Confidential” screenplay and also wrote “A Knight’s Tale” (one of my personal favorites).

Maybe this just wasn’t one of Helgeland’s best efforts.

Or the trailer editor wasn’t in the zone…

Cinema bondage

What is the last movie you bonded with?

Bonded — you know what that feels like. Where you are smiling before it ends.  Where you join everyone applauding at the end.  Can’t stop thinking about it that night…or the next day.  Bore your friends and family talking about it, practically recruiting people to go see it.

And end up seeing it again at the theatre…at today’s prices.

What was your last movie bonding experience?

My friend Caroline and I were discussing this topic last night at dinner.  She hasn’t had this feeling for a very long time — she estimates, in fact, since she saw the movie “Chicago” way back in 2002.  (Wow — I still find that hard to believe.)

Now, I go to the movie a bit more frequently than Caroline…and to fewer with talking animals. So I feel I have more opportunities to see films that give me those bonding moments. But even I had to pull up imdb.com to remind me what movies in 2009 had given me that special-wecial feeling.

My choice to date for 2009?

“500 Days of Summer.”  I saw it at a special sneak preview in New York City.  I loved, loved, loved this ‘anti-romantic comedy’ — that’s what the critics quickly dubbed it — and I know I bored a lot of people afterward, encouraging them to go see this incredible little indie film.  I hope you saw it.  If not, add it to your Netflix queue….now

So, what film did you bond with in 2009?

Inquiring minds want to know.