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Don’t squint; that makes it worse












More time to goof off

Do you spend a lot of time on Facebook? Twitter? Google?

Wanna spend less?

Personally, I enjoy my hours online…but I wouldn’t mind being more efficient about it.  If you feel the same, check out this amazing infographic from quintly.com.  It’s loaded with keyboard shortcuts — who knew?? — that will help satisfy your social media habit a whole lot faster.

Note: The Egg cannot boast such fanciness. But I’m working on it.


Plus or minus flavor

Love to cook?

Or just love the idea of cooking?

If you spend hours in the kitchen — or in front of the TV watching Food Network chefs spend hours in theirs, you’ll love this guide to kitchen conversions by graphic designer Shannon Lattin.





















No need to break your brain anymore halving or tripling recipes — Shannon’s done it for you!

I’m just gonna use it to check other folk’s work.  (You’re welcome.)