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Mite not

I just read on the Interwebs that the average household mattress contains 2 million dust mites.

I don’t share this because misery loves company.

I just wonder:

Where did dust mites live before mattresses were invented?

Mattresses with linen or cotton covers didn’t appear until the mid-18th century.  Were dust mites nomadic before that time?  Did man’s invention change their way of life?  Make them fat and lazy?

Are dust mites bigger and scarier now then they used to be??

I won’t be sleeping tonight.

When the dust settles

A chance viewing on the great Google machine inspired the question:

With all the bizarre holidays out there, why don’t we celebrate Funny Chalkboard Sign Day?

There are so many really funny chalkboard signs outside bars and restaurants…and I think they deserve some recognition.

I posted some of the my favorites below.


























Have you seen others that deserve a shout out? Post them in the comments. And look for the national holiday coming soon.

A chalkboard sign would be a really good place to promote it…

Flip the switch

This clip from Late Show with David Letterman has been circling around the Interwebs today and made me laugh.

Of course it did.  It’s a classic Stupid Pet Trick.

Now…didn’t that do you some good?


I found this ridiculously cute mouse on the Interwebs today, and added the word balloon (’cause it looks like he has something to say).

cheesy mouse

Can you help?

(Add your submissions in the comments!)

Rubber band, man!

I’m a homeowner who tries to be handy. When that fails…

I call Ed.
stripped screwSo I loved this tip I picked up on the Interwebs about dealing with stripped screws. (If you’ve known this for years, bear with me because it bears repeating for folks like me.)

To remove the stripped screw, simply place a rubber band over it.  Then  use your screwdriver to unscrew it.

The rubber band should provide enough grip for you to ease the screw right out.

You’re not reading this anymore, are you?  You’re taking care of all those dodgey screws in your house!

Sorry, Ed — we’ve got this one.

It’s a jungle out there

A good friend of mine always celebrates ‘Turtle Tuesday’ on Facebook.

(He posts photos and everything.)

Today I decided to take a tour of the Interwebs…to see for myself if it’s truly ‘all about turtles’ on Tuesday.

tigerRawwwwr contraire.

This little guy — and a few of his older and wiser friends — informed me it’s really…

Tiger Tuesday

And I am certainly not going to argue with that.

I’ll let you know if David changes his mind.

Stack this

Are you a ‘sweet’ or a ‘salty?’

I’m a salty. I can easily give cakes and cookies a pass, but I find the siren song of salty snacks hard to ignore.

This post, though, is for you sweets out there…because I think this cookie is sharp.

Now, you all know Oreos. (Heck, I’ve even eaten a few hundred in my time.) The newest version is the Oreo Triple Double.

It’s a regular Oreo with an added layer of cream (this one chocolate-flavored) and a third chocolate wafer.

I’m sure it’s chocolate-y enough to kill us all, but more importantly…

Isn’t it pretty?

I personally think they went with the chocolate-flavored creme on the bottom because the color palette looks sophisticated. Imagine that — they have managed to make a mass market cookie look kinda high end.

And while I was looking for pictures of this Oreo, I found another new creation…












The Oreo Wedding Cake

It’s really just a big stack of Oreo’s arranged to look like a cake, but people are serving it at their weddings. While you should probably involve a professional on your big day, I think you could pull this off for fun (and enjoy eating any cookies that crumble in the process).

How about an Oreo Triple Double Cake at your wedding?

Tres chic!