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Next “SNL” Star

Dear Lorne Michaels:

It’s been over a decade since we never met in your office at “Saturday Night Live.”  I conferred instead with your creative director on the greeting card line Hallmark was developing to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the show.

However, I did sit in your chair, so I think we made a connection.

That’s why, lo these many years later, I feel I can talk casting with you…now that Will Forte has announced he’s leaving the show after eight seasons.

Hire Tim Mason.

You know Tim.  He’s  a comedian on the main stage at Second City in Chicago.  I recently saw him perform in the new show “Spoiler Alert: Everybody Dies,” and was blown away by his command of the stage and range of characters.  He was funny, funny, smart.

Plus, I know SNL has to cast by type — just like any other show — and I think Tim is a ringer to fill Will’s slot.  I mean, seriously — take a look.

Perfect, right?

Full disclosure: I know Tim from his early improv days in Kansas City. You know Kansas City — the town that produced Jason Sudeikis, Paul Rudd and Rob Riggle.

That’s a pretty impressive pedigree.

Return to the well, Lorne.  You won’t regret it.

Eyes clinched shut

I hadn’t been to the movie in a couple of weeks, which is an eternity in Carla years.  So I was excited to be able to see not one, but two movies this weekend.  I followed the critics recommendation for my first choice, “Greenberg,” and went counter to their advice for my second, “The Bounty Hunter.”

Both made me cringe.

When did movie makers decide that creating characters that audiences hate is a good idea?

I know that every person I watch on the big screen doesn’t have to be like me, or make the same kind of choices.  But I do think, at some point in the story, the audience has to care about them and the choices they are making…or why would we want to sit there and spend two hours of our lives with them?

In “Greenberg,” Ben Stiller plays a New York City carpenter who goes to his brother’s Los Angeles home to recover following a mental breakdown.  We get to watch him mistreat and belittle every person (and animal) he comes in contact with for the balance of the film.

It kinda made me miss blood and gore.  At least that’s more honest.

“The Bounty Hunter” just proved that bad writing can sink good actors.  I hated everyone in that movie, especially the writer Sarah Thorp.  She should be whipped for what she did to poor Jason Sudeikis (of “Saturday Night Live”) who had a ridiculous supporting role.

I realized when the movie was over that the funniest part of the evening was the trailer for “MacGruber.”

Now, there’s a character I get behind.


The geese.

No one had considered their side of the story — or given them any air time — until last night on Weekend Update.

And damn, was it funny.

One year ago, Captain Sully Sullenberger and his crew safely landed their US Airways jetliner in the Hudson River after striking a flock of geese five minutes after take off from LaGuardia.   Immediately following the incident, another US Airways pilot [cast member Jason Sudeikis] appeared on “Saturday Night Live,”  filled with sarcasm and envy that no one was honoring him for successfully landing his flight on the runway…like you’re supposed to.

Let’s face it — he had a point…albeit a bitter one.

Last night, a year after the tragedy, Larry the Goose had the spotlight to remember his fallen comrades in a parody of the name recitation ritual that is performed at the 9/11 Memorial.  Kinda wrong….but since no one actually died on the Hudson River, I’m assuming people gave this a pass, especially once they heard the goose names being listed, including:

Goose Springsteen

Ganderson Cooper

Geese Witherspoon

Honk Williams, Jr.

…just to name a few.

I don’t mean to simply recreate the sketch; you should watch it on nbc.com for the full effect.  And hopefully, like me, you’ll find more than the goose funny.

You’ll laugh at all of us.

One note

Has a mere fortnight passed since I praised the writers of “Saturday Night Live” — and musical/guest host Taylor Swift — for a very, very funny show?

Seems so long ago now.

They followed that stellar evening with the hosting tragedy of January Jones from “Mad Men.”  Funny — she and Taylor are both tall, beautiful blondes, but wow — the comparisons end there.  January couldn’t tell a joke, keep a straight face, play different characters — hell, even read a cue card.

Some people are born to play supporting roles.

On a more positive note, our friend Jason Sudeikis was in pretty much every sketch…so good for him.

Last night’s show had tremendous potential in the guest hosting turn of Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  His most recent movie was the oh-so-wonderful anti-romantic comedy “500 Days of Summer,” but he has been equally brilliant in darker indie films like “Brick” and “Mysterious Skin.”

Joe had a much better show overall, but SNL fell into one of its old habits, which kept Joe’s show from being a Taylor Swift uber-success:  they found out that he could sing — something we haven’t seen him do much on TV or film — and they had him sing the entire show.


Joe singing his monologue was surprising and funny.  But then Joe played a Latin American singer in the next game show sketch…and sang.  Then Joe played singer Jason Mraz in a talk show sketch — and sang.  Then Joe played a cruise ship singer — and sang  — in a Thanksgiving dinner sketch.

We get it.  Joe can sing.  But is that all you guys got?

Taylor Swift is a singer, but she only sang her monologue and one other “greatest hits” commercial spoof.  Joe, the film actor, sang more than Taylor Swift, the CMA Entertainer of the Year.  And I’m including her musical numbers.

I’m surprised they didn’t have Joe sing something during Weekend Update. (Don’t worry, guys — you can use that idea on your next show.