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I was very excited to attend today BookCon at Javits Center, the publishing conference for us non-industry folk.


The organizers had put together a great schedule of panel discussions, author appearances and book signings, and had even created a designated BookCon show floor separate from the BEA Expo, the industry event that has been going on all week.

But then they oversold it. A lot, a lot.

There were so many people trying to get into the show that security had to limit the people who could enter each half hour.  People (like me) missed events because they weren’t allowed in due to traffic congestion.

bookconOnce I finally was inside, every session I wanted to attend was either already over, closed to additional participants, or had a two-hour line that snaked around Javits and back.

The feed on the BookCon app was filled with derogatory comments from disappointed fans, many of whom had traveled hours to attend.  I realized fairly quickly that we had all been ‘conned’ and left.

Manhattan was right outside, and can be fairly entertaining.


As you wish

When I was a sophomore in college, my mom came to campus for a weekend visit, and we decided to go to the movies on Saturday night.  I can remember agonizing over what we would see together.

It couldn’t be too sexy, or have a lot of bad language.  I had to be really careful about the subject matter, too.  (You would have thought my mom was in grade school.)

I ended up choosing a ‘compromise film’ — a movie that wasn’t necessarily at the top of my list, but that I didn’t think would offend my mom.  And it ended up being one of our favorites of all time — the amazingly wonderful, ever-so-classic “The Princess Bride.”

I ended up seeing “The Princess Bride” in the theater about seven or eight times.  I kept taking friends back to see it (plus, movies were a lot cheaper back then).  I thought a movie that funny and sweet and smart and one-of-a-kind should be experienced by everyone…and I certainly did my part to get butts in the seats.

I also had a huge girly crush on Cary Elwes, who played Westley.  “As you wish.”  Sigh.

For Christmas that year, I got “The Princess Bride” movie (on VHS), the soundtrack (it was an actual LP record), the poster, the book — you name it.  I was all “Princess Bride” all the time.

And today — this very afternoon, in fact — I have the opportunity to meet Cary Elwes in person.  He’s appearing at New York Comic Con at the Javits Center.

He’s older and heavier, and he’s promoting those horrendous “Saw” movies that you would have had to pay me to sit through…but still.

Cary Elwes.  Here…in New York City.  And I may actually get to speak to him.


Update:  Success!!!