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I’m with Jenn

So-you-can rest

Do you know what happens when your throat gets scratchy and you take too much NyQuil just a bit too early in the day?

You start seeing things.

Like pink bunnies.

There’s one on my keyboard now. Can you see him?  He’s hiding right now.  But he has other bunny friends with him.

Perhaps a few zinc lozenges will help keep the critters at bay.  Or cold compresses.  Or chicken soup?

I think I’ll just go to bed.

I can’t decide if I’m fighting a cold or a home invasion.

Something’s a’foot

Last month Jennifer Aniston’s 15-year old Welsh Corgi-terrier mix, Norman, died of old age.

The two were often photographed together walking, and she always took him with her to set on long movie shoots.

“He’s just a person in a dog suit,” she once said.

I get that.

This week the tabloids were full of the news that Jennifer got her first tattoo.  What did it say?  Was it new boyfriend Justin Theroux’s name?  Or some mid-life crisis bit of philosophy in Chinese characters?

None of the above.  The ink on her right foot simply says “Norman.”

Now, I’ve never even remotely considered getting a tat.  I’m notoriously commitment — and needle — phobic, and permanent body art requires both.

But a tattoo dedicated to my dog Rory?  Perhaps his name in the simple sans serif font that I favor?  Or a tiny artist rendering of his amazingly expressive face?

Oh yes, I could commit to that.

Split hairs

Regimes falling in the Middle East.  Floods and earthquakes down under.

What’s the reason behind all the unrest?  The Sticky Egg knows.  It all comes down — predictably enough — to a four-letter word.


Justin Bieber cut his famous locks earlier this week.  Kept the bangs, ladies — so don’t hyperventilate or anything — but it’s a bit shorter on the sides.

(I don’t see a big difference, but the world press is gasping.  I’m sure all the Beliebers are, too.)

Days later, Jennifer Aniston premiered a new ‘do as well while doing press for her new movie with Adam Sandler,  Just Go With It.

It’s not the old Rachel, but it’s quite a bit shorter than the long locks she’s been sporting for quite some time.

(I like it better long…not that she asked me.)

Two signature hairdo’s — reconfigured and relaunched — in the same week.

Did Hollywood really think the world could handle a change of this magnitude without some serious side effects?  You’d think Justin and Jennifer’s people could have gotten together and discussed this — maybe spaced out the haircuts throughout the year — so the damage could have been avoided or, at the very least, reduced.

Celebrities have to remember:

With great power comes great responsibility.


Have you ever looked at celebs like Jennifer Aniston and wondered what kind of ridiculous regime is required to keep her looking that way?

Two words:  baby food.

Yep.  Turns out the latest celebrity craze is the Baby Food Diet.  And before you cry “Wha?,” let the concept rattle around in your brain.  Have you ever eaten baby food?  Some of the flavors are actually kinda yummy.  Plus, they have no additives or preservatives, so they’re good for you.

Of course, actresses like Jennifer are drawn to the small portions — just enough to curb their appetite without packing on a lot of calories.  And they have lots of choices in healthy fruits and veggies…organics and gluten-free varieties, too.

I haven’t tried it, but I have to admit — I’m kinda warming up to the idea.

And if  I thought I’d look anything like Jennifer Aniston when I was through, I’d put a diaper on, too.


More or less

Jennifer Aniston, the world has spoken:  you are a beautiful woman.

I just wish you believed it.

Then maybe you wouldn’t feel the need to pose naked — well, except for that strategically placed necktie — on the cover of GQ.  Or wouldn’t design the advertising campaign for your new fragrance Lolavie around an image of yourself, draped in a bath towel, its sagging shapes almost revealing — well, you get the idea.

Maybe your evening gowns wouldn’t always be slit just a bit too high, or cut just a bit too low.  Don’t get me wrong — you are in phenomenal shape and should be proud of your body…but does everything you wear have to show so much skin?

Sometimes leaving something to the imagination can be just as — if not more — sexy.  I watch all the awards shows; I’ve seen the celebrity stylists do it extremely well.

Just a thought, Jennifer.  We wouldn’t want you to get overexposed…or catch a cold.