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Getting in the short line

TSA preYesterday I made a special trip to the Newark Airport to conduct my in-person interview for TSA Pre.

It seemed like a good idea when I signed up a couple of weeks ago.  Interviews are only conducted at Newark and JFK — not my usual LaGuardia — so I opted for Newark since I can get there easily enough by train.

Then the heavens opened up.

It was raining cats and dogs yesterday morning.  The trains were all delayed.  Even the tram at Newark was stopping and starting due to the weather.

So, needless to say, I was about seven minutes late for my interview, and the TSA doesn’t wait for anyone.  They would only interview me if they had another ‘no-show.’ (Thankfully, that happened within 30 minutes.)

The interview itself took about five minutes, and I was approved — woo hoo!  But if you see my ID, I won’t look happy about it.

The TSA doesn’t allow you to smile.

Dear New York City airports,

I will be headed back your way in less than 48 hours. Coming home is always a pleasure. But let’s be honest, my Big Apple airstrips…

Youse guys are fugly.

My current trip through Narita-Tokyo Airport en route to Singapore drove that point home…hard. I only spent two hours in Japan, and the ultramodern, high-tech facility convinced me that JFK and LGA need a major redo.

2013-04-28_09.08.16We can begin with a fun identity for each of you. Look at this little guy; he graces most of the signage at Narita Airport.

What is he?  Who cares? He’s cute… and LaGuardia could use a major dose of cuteness… JFK, too.

There’s nothing cute about either of you now.  No offense.

And speaking of high-tech, check out this gadget in the airport restrooms in Narita.

2013-04-28_09.14.23The facilities in Japan have talents that go far beyond the simple flush. (Come to think of it, everyone was smiling a lot.)

Lastly, you need better food…but I’ve always said that.

Okay, NYC airports, get started.  I’ll be back in two days, and I am expecting great things!

Hands down

When you think ‘New York City,’ you think expensive.  But there is one thing you can buy in my adopted hometown cheaper than anywhere else I’ve traveled…

…and that’s a manicure.

It’s true.  The nail salons in Manhattan, with their mani/pedi specials, have ruined me for any other city.  Not that I get them that often.  But when I get a hankering to treat myself special, the salons in my ‘hood deliver the goods at a very reasonable price.

Just yesterday I had a layover in the San Francisco airport before my red-eye to JFK.  It was the perfect time to try XpresSpa, a chain of quick manicure/pedicure/massage salons that have popped up at airports all over the country.

I wheelied myself over to the storefront in my terminal and was gratified to see a $10 off special for the mani/pedi combo – perfect!  But then I got a look at the price — $90 for the set!

Say wha??

At my Upper West Side salon, you can get the combo for $25.  Even with the XpresSpa coupon, we’re still talking $80 before tip.  Yowza.

My fingers and toes can wait to be pampered until I get home to NYC.

Where things are CHEAP.