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What is a friend?

Dear Betsy Thomas:

I have been a fan of your sitcom “My Boys”  since it debuted four years ago on TBS.  I loved the concept — a comedy centered around a female character and her gang of predominantly male friends.  I’ve always had a lot of guy friends, so it rang true to me.

PJ, the female sportswriter at the middle of it all, has girlfriends, too — Stephanie is the one we most often see on the show  — but her male poker buds are the constants in her life.  Back in my Hallmark days, we called this a ‘chosen family’…and that’s exactly what they are.

I knew the show was on iffy ground this season just from reading the celebrity rags.  Jordana Spiro (PJ) has been tapped to star in a mid-season replacement sitcom on NBC, and the oh-so-funny Jim Gaffigan, who plays PJ’s brother Andy, has been written out of the show. (Whose idea was that?)  I’m not even sure “My Boys” has a deal with TBS beyond this year.


Did you have to turn this season into a big ol’ session of couples therapy?  For that matter, did you have to turn ’em into couples?

When the show began, all their banter was trivia at its best — poker, dating, petty work annoyances, and random silliness.  It was funny.   This year, they’ve been mired down in discussions about the future, financial planning and doing good for our fellow man.

Even the actors look bored.

Plus, this group of ‘good friends’ started inbreeding at the end of last season!  Now PJ and Bobby and Stephanie and Kenny have coupled up.  They didn’t look that comfortable with the arrangement, either.  And in the season finale on Sunday night, Mike, the lonest wolf of the bunch, suddenly married a woman he has dated a month because “we’re old.”

Who are these people?

If this is indeed the last season of the show, do you really want to leave this group of friends like this? Everyone oddly coupled up and settled…in this unsettled way?

Was that ever what “My Boys” was about?

I don’t think so.  In fact, I think you lost your way.  And they deserved a whole lot better.